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  • Responsible products

Our commitment to product safety

Eni has an on-going commitment to responsible product management, focused on health, safety, the environment and sustainability at every stage of the lifecycle, from the acquisition to the development of raw materials, through production, storage, distribution, sale and use. 

In promoting the sustainability of our products (substances, blends, intermediaries and any chemical agents used, produced and marketed) we aim to guarantee the safety and health of employees, populations, communities, contractors and customers, environmental protection and the protection of public safety. 

To these ends, we are committed to: 

  • managing industrial and commercial activities in accordance with international agreements and standards, current legislation and the technical and regulatory rules of the industry
  • adopting principles, standards and solutions that constitute international best practice for the highest levels of product sustainability
  • focusing research and technological innovation on the development of sustainable products and environmentally-friendly processes, characterised by ever greater attention to safety and the health of employees, populations, communities, contractors and customers while also promoting partnerships for the development of new technologies
  • developing appropriate marketing strategies based on enhancing the sustainability of products brought to market
  • preparing training plans for personnel and the exchange of experience and knowledge, which are considered central to achieving the objectives of the continuous improvement of product sustainability
  • promoting the participation of stakeholders in the product improvement process in order to safeguard the environment and public safety.

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Regulations on product safety

Eni is committed to compliance with applicable European and extra-European legislation regarding its products and activities.
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