Development of local people
In detail:

  • recruitment of local staff and the development of international career paths
  • a table with highlights of the internationalisation targets for resources and projects

The importance of domestic growth

We believe it is very important to be in tune with the places in which we operate and to build relations based on cooperation with the territories in which we work: everywhere in the world, we invest on the acquisition of local people and their internal development, also in positions of responsibility. In 2015, in our overseas activities, local resources fell by 467 compared with 2014, a reduction of -4.5%. There was a reduction of all levels:
  • middle-management levels remained essentially stable with a decrease of -0.7%
  • clerical staff and blue collars were down by -4.5% and -7.1% respectively and management staff fell by -14.5%.
Eni also offers the opportunity to develop international careers. The main initiatives developed in this area in 2015 included:
  • the completion of the new HR Evolution system, which aims to ensure coverage of the planning and recruitment processes for greater consistency in global management in line with the goals of internationalisation of resources and the enhancement of professional skills at Eni around the world (14,137 form online in 2015, for a population of about 12,000 people).
  • the constant updating and monitoring of international recruitment and mobility policies with a view to greater simplification.
  • the launch and/or follow up of internationalisation projects such as Project Green, the Enhanced High Potential Manager Project (HPM), Stars and High Potential and the Integrated Development Plans project, nationalisation and training West Africa (see Internationalization table).

Expansion of competence and professional skills and raising awareness of issues not specific to your area of origin Green Project 2015 Exploration & Development: aims to provide a selected sample of young talent with a broader view of the whole upstream chain
The mapping of skills and definition of the development plans for the talents Project to reinforce High Potential Managers (HPM), Stars and High Potentials: aims to define specific individual professional development plans for high potential or excellent individuals (especially young graduates and Senior Staff/Managers)
Employability and the enhancement of professionalism Integrated Development Plans project, nationalisation and training in West Africa: aimed at strengthening the local labour force in order to provide a more adequate response to the evolution of the business environment through plans for the nationalisation of positions, plans for the development of high potential resources and specific training programmes

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