Our People

The excellence of our work comes from the expertise of our people.

Our business model

Our business model is based on the excellence of the skills of our people. We promote a culture that fosters the values of integrity and a policy of equal opportunities. We support enlightened conduct, initiatives to promote diversity and professional development paths. 

Safety culture

Our Health, Safety, Environment & Security initiatives are of utmost importance to us as they embrace our core business value and policy which is to maximise the health and safety of our personnel.

Safety plays a central role in Eni’s corporate culture. This is manifested in the form of 12 Golden Rules that embody the proper modus operandi for those who work for and Eni at every work site throughout the world. These rules become good habits if the culture of safety keeps us engaged at all times, in any context, including outside the  workplace. This is not only our way of fulfilling legal requirements and company rules, it is also a value that is at the core of all that we do every day. We have to work safely and live safely: the culture of safety must be present in all we do. We ensure regular HSE meetings for all employees discussing the 12 golden rules as it relates to work and family.

Eni in Nigeria promotes the development of skills and merits by providing wide-ranging training, in terms of technical and behavioural content, to ensure the professional development of our employees and growth to international professional heights. Our goal is to produce world class professionals in the Oil and Gas industry. Development of personnel include exposure to other countries and multidisciplinary activities.


Some of these activities include:

  • Health Safety and Environmental management
  • Process Safety and Asset integrity management
  • Industrial and Public Relations
  • Project Economics/Operations/Maintenance
  • Well intervention and recovery
  • Negotiating and Procurement Process
  • Budgetary and financial reporting skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • General management and Team work

In all the contexts in which we work, Eni promotes international labour standards

through regulatory documentation, trade union agreements at national and international level, management and development processes, training and communication initiatives. In 2008, Eni drew up a Code of Ethics, which makes explicit reference to workers’ rights and the freedom of trade unions, as well as the “fight against all forms of discrimination, forced and child labour”. ENI Nigeria complies with the Nigerian labour laws and promotes international best practices in labour.

Pension is well provided for as the Company complies with the Pension Reform Act and regulations of the National Pension Commission. The Company fundamentally sponsors a Closed pension Fund (called Nigerian Agip Closed Pension Fund Administrator) equipped to ensure smooth retirement benefits for its employees within the cut-off date stipulated by the Pension Act. The scheme under the fund is non- contributory. The pension Fund was established decades ago as a trustee scheme and metamorphosed into the closed pension fund Administrator in 2008 after the Pension Act came into being in 2004. New employees from 1st July 2014 will join the contributory pension scheme through pension fund administrators of their choice in line with the Pension Reform Act.