Un’economia sempre più circolare

Eni Rewind, environmental remediation in the circular economy

Eni Rewind is our environmental company, operating according to the principles of circularity to enhance the value of industrial land, water and waste.

Giving new life to industrial land, water and waste

Eni Rewind is our company that focuses on enhancing the value of land, water and waste, whether industrial or from reclamation activities. This is achieved through remediation and recovery projects that use the most innovative technological research. Thanks to the environmental know-how gained over the years, Eni Rewind is the global contractor for all of Eni's business lines, including upstream, refining, chemicals and commercial activities. Consolidated experience and unique skills in the remediation and management of water and waste have enabled it to evolve from an Eni service company to a market player. Eni Rewind can now offer tailor-made solutions for all public and private clients, in Italy and abroad.

Eni Rewind’s remediation and redevelopment projects

Eni's environmental company plans the measures needed to restore and repurpose former industrial or disused areas, in agreement with institutions and stakeholders. It is essential to identify future opportunities for re-use and development early in the remediation process. The aim is to give new life to local areas in order to generate a real environmental, social and economic revival. Examples of this are brownfield sites that are suitable for green energy or waste treatment plants. The projects launched in Ravenna (Ponticelle), Gela, Assemini and Porto Torres, in particular, demonstrate a desire to promote and implement a new model of sustainable development that is sensitive to the needs of the local community.

Water management and waste processing partnerships and collaborations

Eni Rewind's sustainable water and waste management approach, sharing of expertise and dialogue with the local community, has led it to establish important partnerships with leading companies in the sector, in Italy and around the world. A multi-purpose platform for the pre-treatment and treatment of special waste will be built by HEA, a joint venture between Eni Rewind and Herambiente. This will make an important contribution to the shortage of industrial waste management facilities in Italy.

Eni Rewind has also signed a number of agreements with major players in the waste sector in Italy, including partnerships with A2A Ambiente, Acea and Iren. While, in 2021, Eni Rewind signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Oil and Gas Authority of the Kingdom of Bahrain to promote joint initiatives for the efficient recovery and valorisation of water, soil and waste in the country.