Retail and renewables: more sustainable and more competitive

Renewables, mobility solutions and energy efficiency for households: Plenitude provides products and services fit for an increasingly decarbonized world.

Zero emissions target and a resilient business

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a world that demands more and more energy is a challenge that implicates everyone: from energy companies like Eni, which develops and applies solutions and technologies to make all its processes and services more sustainable, to individual citizens. This is also why Plenitude was established; it is a Benefit Company controlled by Eni that implements the production of renewable energy with the traditional sale of electricity and gas, services for energy efficiency and electricity mobility, through which we aim to reach the carbon neutrality target for client emissions by 2040

Plenitude combines traditional electricity and gas sales with:

  • renewable energy production
  • energy services
  • electric mobility.

Energy from new, more sustainable sources

Plenitude combines Eni's experience in renewable energy sources with established conventional technologies and new solutions for households and businesses. Solar, onshore and offshore wind power, storage and floating wind power are the areas where we operate both in Italy and worldwide. Thanks to industrial synergies and agreements for the acquisition of large plants abroad, we are present in France, Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Norway, the USA, Kazakhstan and Australia. The choice is influenced by local factors that favour our business: a mature electricity market, established renewable energy development, an efficient grid and a reliable supply chain. In December 2022 Plenitude has signed an agreement for the full acquisition of PLT, an integrated Italian group producing electricity from renewables and supplying energy to households and businesses, thus increasing its renewable capacity by 1,6 GW in Italy and Spain. 


Retail and renewables at the heart of our energy solutions

With the new integrated set-up, Plenitude's customers will have access to an even wider offer of renewable energy. On a global scale, Plenitude develops skills and organisational platforms already used in the Italian market, aiming at the growth of electricity supplies from renewables and promoting energy efficiency solutions, which allow to reduce consumption, as well as the costs and environmental impact related to them. Looking more at the long term, Plenitude also promotes energy communities, supporting the generation and management of self-produced energy across all our markets.


A solid boost to the growth of electric mobility

Plenitude proposes innovative solutions in the e-mobility sector, particularly in the area of electric vehicle charging services. Its network of charging points, which has been developed in synergy with the retail and renewable sectors, and its catchment area are growing rapidly in Italy and in other European countries too. There will be over 30,000 electric vehicle posts by 2025. In the global market, Plenitude is also strengthening its presence through the extensive network of Eni station distributors and creating partnerships with public bodies and private operators.


SUPERFACTS – The future of electric mobility