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Local development: a priority for Eni

We try to promote socio-economic development and inclusive growth, paying attention to the development of local communities and the specific needs of the areas in which we work.

Supporting local people and meeting their needs

From its beginnings, Eni has worked in difficult settings, where water, energy, work and medical services are often only for the privileged few. Eni's broad experience, gained over decades, allows it to intervene in support of local people's needs. Our goal is to support communities through projects that are consistent with national development plans. We act in keeping with the thoughts and actions of Enrico Mattei, in his “Mattei Formula”, the goal of which was to help local people and communities evolve, favouring independence for producing countries in terms of energy and development.

Today, this approach translates into a focus on Local Content, which can be understood as the sum of the potential and needs of each area.


The relevance of the Mattei model

Energy for the places we work in

Energy is a key element in all of the world’s current challenges. But it is also a huge opportunity. It is no accident that in 2015 the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 7 was signed by more than 190 countries, who all chose the path to affordable and clean energy for all. Access to energy is central to issues around education, forestation, access to water and health, which are the pillars of our business.

Economic diversification: we support local plans, women and young people

In line with Sustainable Development Goal 8, “Decent work and economic growth”, we want to "incentivise lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, along with full, productive employment and dignified work for all." To that end, we help develop entrepreneurial businesses, farms, water systems, infrastructure, business goals and local socio-economic growth. We take a long-term view, growing our business in synergy with the places where we work. These activities enable the creation of new opportunities for people and businesses, with a special focus on female empowerment and youth employment.

The primacy of education

We help improve access to education in the countries where we operate, acting in collaboration with local bodies, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, which highlights quality education as a priority. In recent years we have achieved significant results, starting with increasing access to education and levels of school attendance, especially for girls and young women.

Water: the most precious resource

Access to water and basic hygiene services is key to local development and we have adopted specific initiatives as set out in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Everywhere we work, we strive to build wells, treatment plants, distribution networks and sewage systems.

Health in communities

Improving health conditions and treatment facilities for the communities we work in is a constant goal for Eni and is part of our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 3, concerning health, wellbeing and access to treatment. Promoting the wellbeing of local communities is a major tool for strengthening Eni's reputation and effectiveness as a partner for sustainable development in the places where we are active.