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Sensitivity factors

Eni’s profits, specifically those of the Exploration & Production sector, depend to a significant extent on the trends in oil and gas prices.

The relationship between prices and profits

Eni's results of operations and cash flow, mainly in the Exploration & Production Division, are greatly influenced by trends in oil and gas prices. Generally speaking, an increase in oil prices positively impact Eni's consolidated operating result; vice versa in case of a decline in oil prices. The same applies to gas prices.

Volatile oil prices impact the performance of the Company's business units in different ways.

The role of Production Sharing Agreements

Volatile oil prices represent an uncertainty factor in view of achieving the Company's operating targets of production growth and reserve replacement due to the relevant amount of Production Sharing Agreements in Eni's portfolio. Under such contracts, the Company is entitled to receive a portion of the production, the sale of which should cover expenditures incurred and earn the Company a share of profit. Accordingly, the higher the reference prices for crude oil used to determine production and reserve entitlements, the lower the number of barrels to cover the same dollar amounts hence the amounts of booked production and reserves; and vice versa.

Sensitivity 2022  EBIT adj (€ bln) Net adj (€ bln) FCF (€ bln)
Brent (+1 $/bbl) 0.21 0.15 0.13
Std. Eni Refining Margin (+1 $/bbl) 0.14 0.10 0.14
Exchange rate $/€ (-0.05 $/€) 1.00 0.70 0.70
“Brent” standard sensitivity assumes oil and gas price changes are directional and proportional;
Sensitivities are valid for limited price variation.