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Our work in Britain

We have been in the country since 1964. Today our work in Britain is in the Exploration & Production, Gas & Power and Refining & Marketing & Chemicals sectors.


Offshore drilling and work-over

We work on concession contracts in the Irish Sea and the North Sea off England. We are an operator with shares in four production areas, among them Liverpool Bay (100%) and Hewett Area (89.3%). The other main fields are Elgin/Franklin (21.87%), Glenelg (8%), J-Block and Jasmine (33%) and Jade (7%). Development activities mainly concerned Elgin/ Franklin and Joanne and Jasmine fields with the drilling of four new wells in production and we hold interest in 15 exploration licenses, 12 of these are operated, with interest ranging from 9% to 100%. 

In January 2021 we announced the successful award of a new Production Licence, resulting from an application made in the 32nd UK Offshore Licensing Round. The Licence, named P2511, covers an area of approximately 340 square kilometres and is located approximately 250 km offshore UK in the Northern North Sea. It is situated near the UK/Norwegian border where several significant discoveries were recently made. The Licence has an Initial Exploration Term of six years. Eni UK will assume the role of operator with a 100% participating interest.

A carbon dioxide appraisal and storage licence

In September 2020 the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) announced it has awarded a carbon dioxide appraisal and storage licence (CS licence) to Eni UK Limited (Eni). The CS licence will cover an area located within the Liverpool Bay area of the East Irish Sea. Under the CS licence, we plan to reuse and repurpose depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs (the Hamilton, Hamilton North and Lennox fields) and associated infrastructure to permanently store CO₂ captured in NW England and N Wales. The application for a CS licence was made by Eni in order to help address the decarbonisation needs of NW England and N Wales and aims to be part of a collaborative effort with industrial companies to capture and transport CO₂ from existing industries and future hydrogen production sites for fuel switching, heating, power and transportation in the context of UK targets for net zero emissions by 2050. We expect the project to benefit local communities by creating new job opportunities and assist to develop the economy of the area whilst providing a tangible pathway to energy transition and decarbonisation.

Gas in the North Sea

We sell natural gas in the country through our subsidiary Eni Trading & Shipping, in the form of equity gas produced at our fields in the North Sea. We work in the main Northern European hubs (NBP, Zeebrugge and TTF). In 2019, sales amounted to 1.75 bcm, down by 0.47 bcm or down by 21.2% compared to 2018.

We entered the UK offshore wind market for electricity production

In December 2020 we entered the UK offshore wind market for electricity production through the acquisition of a 20% stake from Equinor and SSE Renewables of the Dogger Bank (A and B) project. The plan involves the installation of 190 state-of-the-art turbines situated approximately 80 miles from the British coast. Each turbine has a capacity of 13 MW for a total capacity of 2.4 GW. At full capacity, Dogger Bank (3.6 GW) will be the world’s largest project of its kind, generating around 5% of UK demand for renewable electricity and supplying energy to approximately 6 million British families. The construction of the Dogger Bank (A and B) will take place in two stages, with the first to be completed by 2023 and the second by 2024. By entering the Dogger Bank (A and B) project, Eni adds 480 MW of renewable energy to its 2025 target of 5 GW of installed capacity from renewable sources, while it will additionally be able to explore potential synergies with the retail business.

We create energy

In the country, in the Exploration & Production, Refining & Marketing and Gas & Power sectors in which we work, we are committed to innovating the energy sector by lowering our carbon footprint and protecting the environment around Liverpool Bay, an area of Britain where we have various production sites. 

Liverpool Bay: biodiversity and CO₂ carbon storage

Form 1995 to 2018 we launched many initiatives for protecting the natural environment and biodiversity around the village of Talacre, getting the community involved. In October 2020 the British Oil and Gas Authoritygave us a six-year licence to carry out a carbon dioxide storage project.


Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

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Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts


Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss


Exploring Eurasia

Europe can play a leading role in terms of energy, especially as an economic and social community

The new eurasian geo-economic center represents a development pole that can become an alternative to the Euro-Atlantic center


Europe's Gamble

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