Our work in Spain

We operate in the Spanish natural gas market via the Unión Fenosa Gas (UFG) joint venture (in which Eni owns a 50% stake) and in the R&M and Chemicals sector via our Eni Iberia subsidiary.


The sale of gas in Spain

We procure and sell natural gas to the industrial, wholesale and thermoelectric sectors. The UFG holds an 80% stake in the Damietta liquefaction plant on the Egyptian coast and a 7.36% stake in a liquefaction plant in Oman. In 2019, UFG gas sales amounted to 3.02 bcm (1.51 bcm Eni’s share). Total sales in the Iberian Peninsula amounted to 4.22 bcm, a decrease of 0.43 bcm, or down by 9.2% compared to 2018.


We produce and sell lubricants

Our operations in Spain concern the blending and marketing of lubricants through our Eni Iberia subsidiary, formed from a spin-off of Agip España. Following the collapse of the non-competition agreement with Galp that was entered into at the time that the network and extra-network activities in Spain and Portugal were transferred in 2008, we resumed fuel sales in 2013. The company now has 84 employees and our network of sales representatives spans around 80% of the Iberian Peninsula, excluding the Canaries and the Balearic Islands. Furthermore, we have a lubricant blending & filling plant - the third-largest producer of these products in Spain, with a production capacity of around 50,000 tonnes and a high level of flexibility. We also started trading in Barcelona, in conjunction with Eni trading & shipping, in 2018 and now operate in the country’s chemicals sector through a commercial subsidiary of Versalis International based in the city of Barcelona.

A remarkable investment in the renewable energy sector

In February 2021 we signed an agreement with X–Elio, one of the world's leading renewable energy developers,  for the acquisition of three photovoltaic projects in southern Spain for a total capacity of 140 MW. With X-Elio we have also entered into discussions for a larger strategic collaboration for the development of renewable projects in Spain, where Eni is aiming to grow up to 1 GW in the next five years contributing to the 5 GW installed capacity from renewable sources target for 2025.


Exploring Eurasia

Europe can play a leading role in terms of energy, especially as an economic and social community

The new eurasian geo-economic center represents a development pole that can become an alternative to the Euro-Atlantic center


Europe's Gamble