Our work in Spain

We operate in the Spanish natural gas market via Eni España Comercializadora de Gas (“EECG”, owned by Eni), in the R&M and Chemicals sector, via our Eni Iberia subsidiary and Plenitude.


Plenitude strengthens its presence in Spain by signing an agreement to acquire PLT

In December 2022, Plenitude signed an agreement to acquire 100% of PLT (PLT Energia S.r.l and SEF S.r.l. and their respective subsidiaries and affiliates), an integrated Italian group producing electricity from renewables and supplying energy to retail customers, with a 1.6 GW renewable capacity portfolio in Italy and Spain and 90,000 retail customers. Through this synergistic operation with its portfolio of renewable assets and retail customers, Plenitude is strengthening its presence in Italy and Spain.

The sale of gas in Spain

With Eni España Comercializadora de Gas, we procure and sell natural gas to the industrial, SME, power sector and wholesale market. In 2022, total Eni’s sales in Spain amounted to 3.93 bcm, an increase of 0.18 bcm, or 4.8% compared to 2021, thanks to higher sales to wholesalers and industrial segments. 

We produce and sell lubricants

We operate in Spain in the blending and marketing of lubricants through our subsidiary Eni Iberia, a spin-off of Agip EspañaToday, the company has 84 employees. We also own a lubricants blending & filling plant, the third-largest plant in Spain for the production of these products, with a production capacity of around 50 thousand tonnes and a high degree of flexibility. The marketing of Eni's lubricants in Spain, both for the automotive and industrial sectors, is carried out through its own direct sales network (13 sales representatives) and through distributors. Eni Iberia began distributing network and non-network Fuels in 2013, following the expiry of the non-compete agreement with Galp, signed in 2008. It markets its own Fuels and sells Fuels to Wholesale customers, with a network of 5 sales representatives covering the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands (excluding the Canary Islands).

In 2018, we also launched trading activities in Barcelona, in collaboration with Eni trading & shipping, and we operate in the country’s chemical sector through a commercial subsidiary of Versalis International based in the city. In 2021, Eni Iberia began managing 9 motorway service stations awarded in a public tender run by the Spanish Ministry of Transport. These are high-capacity stations located on the main North-South Mediterranean transport axes (AP7 motorway), as well as on the high-capacity line linking the cities of Cadiz and Seville in Andalusia (AP4).

Renewables, solutions for mobility and energy efficiency for the family

Plenitude, Eni's company dedicated to renewable energy production, supply solutions for end customers and a wide range of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, entered the Iberian market in January 2021 with the acquisition of Aldro Energía. It brings its experience in the areas of energy upgrading, with solutions for the energy efficiency of residential buildings and homes, photovoltaic energy and electric mobility. In February 2021 we signed an agreement with X-Elio, a leading company in the field of global renewable energy projects, for the acquisition of three photovoltaic projects in southern Spain for a total capacity of 140 MW.

In July 2021, through Plenitude, we signed an agreement with Azora Capital for the acquisition of a portfolio of nine renewable energy projects in the country. The transaction involves the acquisition of three operating wind farms and one under construction in the centre-north of the country, for a total of 230 MW, and five large photovoltaic projects at an advanced development stage for approximately 1 GW. We are working with Azora to ensure all the plants currently under construction and development enter into production by 2024. The agreement is part of our growth strategy in the Spanish market, based on the joint development of electricity generation from renewable sources and the retail customer base. Furthermore, again through Plenitude we have acquired the company Dhamma Energy Group (“Dhamma”) from its founding partners, which owns a platform for the development of photovoltaic systems in France and Spain. The Dhamma plant portfolio includes a pipeline of projects at various stages of maturity for almost 3 GW, distributed in the two countries. In September 2022, through Plenitude - a Società Benefit wholly owned by Eni, we entered a new partnership with Infrastrutture S.p.A. to develop solar and wind power projects in Italy and Spain by acquiring a 65% stake in Hergo Renewables S.P.A., a company that holds a portfolio of projects in the two countries with a total capacity of approximately 1.5GW.     In October 2022, Plenitude inaugurated the 104.5 MW El Monte wind farm. Renewable energy is generated by 19 GE wind turbines, the plant will produce about 300 GWh per year and will boost Plenitude’s renewable energy generation in Spain. The project has also promoted direct and indirect local job creation.