Engineering and Construction

Engineering and Construction

The world of Engineering and Construction

Primary activities

At Eni, you can make a direct contribution  to the development of our business, making a significant impact on the future of the energy industry.
Our Engineering and Construction colleagues work in a stimulating and constantly evolving international environment, designing and building onshore and offshore plants that are strategic for our business.


Following are the main positions in the Engineering and Construction areas

  • Construction Engineers
    Construction Engineers manage the complex process of building plants, structures and pipelines, both onshore and offshore. They also oversee construction, decommissioning and re-qualification of assets (upstream projects, refining plants, chemicals and energy production, transport systems, reclamation), including through third parties. Their work aligns with the purpose, timing and costs outlined in the relevant project plan. Construction Engineers also coordinate manufacturing, construction and installation activities for Eni’s various plants and sites.
  • Process Engineers
    With the help of specialised software, Eni’s Process Engineers carry out process simulations of unitary operations used in chemical plants, the thermodynamic design of heat exchangers, fluid dynamic design and process design of distillation columns and reactors. They also contribute to defining the project conditions of the plant process and participate in identifying the required safety equipment. Process Engineers contribute to drafting the mechanical design of equipment.
  • Other roles
    - Civil Engineer
    - Mechanical Engineer
    - Basic Engineer

Job opportunities