Meet the Eni Ambassadors!

Ylenia Cappelli, D&IT Specialist. Her job is to build the future already in the present, thanks to new technologies. She reveals the secret ingredient: diversity.

Who are the Eni Ambassadors?

The Eni Ambassadors are a group of 26 young professionals from different Eni business areas. As members of our special Ambassadors Programme, they will bring their passion, energy and knowledge of the company to help the Eni people of the future to get to know our company better, via the Careers section on, Eni's social networks and our virtual and in-person careers events. 

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Hi Carlotta! What is your role at Eni?
I’m an Environmental Engineer with the Forestry unit’s Program Management Team.
The unit I work in is newly established and a far cry from the company’s traditional business, but it does have strategic objectives: we develop projects for the conservation of forest areas in tropical and south tropical areas. Our work is aimed at reducing emissions linked to deforestation.

What are your goals and what do you like about your job?
Doing something I can be proud of, overcoming my limits and fears, and tackling each new day with enthusiasm and awareness. I also like having the opportunity to see the world as a whole, rather than as a series of unconnected parts.

What does being part of Eni mean to you?
It means always having new opportunities for growth in a diversified and international company that places increasing emphasis on sustainable development.

What can you bring to the future of energy?
Definitely the enthusiasm of the younger generations, who are the real driving forces behind the challenge that the world is facing, to change a way of life that is no longer sustainable.

If I say inclusion, what comes to mind? The integration and enhancement of diversity through an exchange between cultures and a dialogue between people of different ages and backgrounds, values that I find every day at Eni, even within my team

Carlotta Ciocci

Hi Davide! What do you do at Eni?
I am a Chemical Engineer and Circular Economy Specialist in the Eni Green/Traditional Refining & Marketing function. In my team, we study and try to implement circular economy projects that use waste and scrap to produce fuels and other products.

What are you passionate about?
I came across chemistry and plant engineering over the course of my studies and various experiences abroad, and I became passionate about them, combining my interest in travel with my career path.
And where better to experience them than at Eni!

What does being part of Eni mean to you?
It means belonging. Being part of a large group and feeling that I have a role to play and a contribution to make every day.

When I say ‘inclusion’, what comes to mind?
Working as a team and benefiting from everyone's input. In this respect, too, Eni has given me the opportunity to meet colleagues and indeed people in general from all over the world.

What can you bring to the future of energy? Enthusiasm, a fundamental ability to respond to the challenges of the future, and a desire to get things done and to learn in order to keep up to date with this changing sector

Davide Campagna