Scuola Mattei & Medea Master

Founded in 1957, the Scuola Mattei was the institution the drove the MEDEA Master’s course, the first example of post-graduate training in Italy.

Your future in energy and the environment

Founded in 1957, the Scuola Mattei launched the first example of post-graduate education in Italy, over the years becoming a benchmark for energy sector professionals.

As has been the case since the course began, we are looking for young men and women with a passion for energy and the environment and the desire to build their own future. We offer a 10-month study programme in a cutting-edge international environment in which students can acquire the very latest knowledge from university professors, managers and experts from Eni, while meeting fellow students from all over the world. An adventure and an investment – in yourself and in a team.


Every year, Eni offers a number of scholarships that fully cover the cost of the MEDEA Master's (worth €25,000), which includes educational materials, the use of company canteens and a monthly grant of €1,000 gross for Italian students and €1,300 euros gross for non-Italian students. Participants will be selected based on university qualifications and other professional qualifications and experience. Academic or professional experience in the energy sector will be given appropriate consideration. Individuals selected independently by the Eni's foreign companies can also enrol on the courses.


La scuola mattei

Mariangiola Mollicone - Business Advisor, Eni UK

The Master's

The MEDEA Master's is aimed at graduates with degrees in technical-scientific and economic subjects, both from Italy and abroad, as well as those who already work in the energy and environment sector and wish to gain a more in-depth understanding in these areas. The curriculum is specifically focused on the themes of energy and the environment, and takes an international and interdisciplinary approach. The academic staff consists of an internal team and a number of professors from leading Italian and foreign universities, along with successful managers and experts from Eni. The teaching includes lectures, flipped classrooms and blended training, case studies, learning by doing, project work, seminars and conferences and guided visits to industrial facilities of particular interest.

The Master is characterised by a transversal placement. The professional role could be related to all areas of the energy and environmental sector: administration, finance and control, strategy and international relations, contracting, trading, risk analysis and management, energy transition and decarbonisation and, for students with a more technical-scientific background, also engineering, product technology, refining, power generation, safety and environmental protection.



Practical information

Since the 2020-2021 academic year, the Master's programme has been organised in collaboration with the University of Pavia, to offer students a legally recognised qualification. The Master's runs from September to June at the Eni Corporate University in San Donato Milanese. The courses are delivered in English and require full time attendance; generally speaking, they start in mid September and end on 30 June. For non-Italian students, there will be an intensive Italian language course during the summer preceding the start of the Master's degree. Those who pass the final exams will be awarded the Master's Degree in Management and the Economics of Energy and the Environment (MEDEA).

Admission requirements

Italian candidates must:  

  • hold an Italian degree with a final grade of not less than 105/110 (or 95/100), obtained in the faculties of Economics or Engineering, or an equivalent academic qualification from a foreign institution
  • be less than 28 years old on 31 December of the year in which the Master's course begins
  • have an excellent knowledge of the English language

Applications are accepted from Italian candidates who are expected to graduate in the July preceding the course start. 

Non-Italian candidates must: 

  • hold a university degree from a recognised university in the fields of economics, engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, statistics, law, political science or international relations.
  • be less than 32 years old on 31 December of the year in which the Master's course begins
  • have an excellent knowledge of the English language


Application and selection procedure and deadlines

The call for application has expired, stay tuned on this page for the next edition.

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Vittoria Camodeca

Thanks to all the interesting activities, like lessons, storytelling, plants’ visits, I got the opportunity to know the company I work for. Once in the role, it was funny to find out how all my classmates, called MEDEANS, represented an important link in the Eni world.

Vittoria Camodeca – Planning, Operation and Logistic Specialist c/o Ecofuel

As an industrial engineer with a passion for energy, the Master MEDEA provided me with a solid foundation about business administration, with a focus on sustainable energy. It also opened my mind to diverse cultures and different ways of thinking, and I made the most beautiful friendships and networks that are still very strong today.

Raúl Hurtado - Asset Manager in Equinor
Carmine Monti

Medea is an amazing journey where you can enhance your academic knowledge with first-class courses in a unique environment where life values such as inclusion, teamwork, respect, and diversity are shared every day.

Carmine Monti - Head of Brazoria Project Execution