I Corsi di Laurea Magistrale sostenuti da Eni

Master's degrees supported by Eni

We collaborate with the best Italian universities, integrating our know-how into the programmes of industry-related Master's degrees.


We make our knowledge available to students by sharing our technical knowledge with various Italian universities so that it can be integrated into Master's degrees focused especially on the energy industry. Because today's students may become Eni people tomorrow.

Support for dissertations

Your degree thesis is a crucial step in your transition from university to the world of work, so we offer support to some students who request it. Proposals can be sent by e-mail to: EIRLIB.selezione@eni.com highlighting the topic and content of the thesis, the degree you are about to obtain and the date of your graduation. We will respond to requests that we feel we can support.


Internships with Eni

During your studies, curricular internship is a valuable educational experience both for students and our company. Eni's curricular internship is usually offered to those who attend the degrees and Masters that we organize in partnership with universities, or in response to specific requests that come through the university. You will need to liaise with your university’s internship or careers office to discuss this opportunity.

Once your studies are finished, you can search for relevant extracurricular internship opportunities and their related requirements in the ‘Job opportunities’ page of the Careers section at eni.com.