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Fraudulent job offers

From time to time, we receive reports that unauthorised third-parties and groups have made false job offers in Eni’s name, or claiming to be on Eni’s behalf. Please report any incidents of this kind to us.

These are false job opportunities fabricated by unauthorised people or groups to scam candidates out of money or to obtain their bank details.

Recently, we have also been made aware of cases of "money muling", where false job offers come with an offer of money to be credited to the candidate's bank account. The scammers suggest that this money is to buy tools for work but then asks that those tools be paid for through their own bank accounts and apps.

Eni never asks for money in exchange for a job

Eni and its subsidiaries identify and recruit people exclusively through defined procedures, selecting and hiring candidates based on merit, ability and professionalism. We would never ask for money or offer to make a bank transfer. If you are looking for job opportunities at Eni, refer exclusively to the Careers section on the eni.com site and be wary of any unusual requests.

Report any instances of fraud to the relevant authorities

If any unauthorised people or groups claiming to work for Eni ask you to disclose your personal or financial information or to make a payment, treat this as fraud and immediately contact the relevant authorities, so that they can start an investigation.

We also invite you to report the fraud to the following link .