Our values

Our focus on people-centred sustainability and innovation allows us to harness ideas, skills and passion to create long-lasting growth.

We are an integrated energy company: we are taking real action to support a just transition that creates long-term value and allows everyone to access to reliable and clean energy while protecting the environment. Our actions are always aimed at safeguarding and promoting human rights, respecting safe and fair working standards, and investing in a sustainable future.

The values that guide our choices

Our values, outlined in our Code of Ethics, tell who we are and what we believe in, guide our actions, define our commitment and orient both our behavior and that of our stakeholders. They are the following:

  • Integrity. We carry out our daily activities with responsibility, equity, fairness and good faith, respecting internal and external regulations
  • Respect and protection of Human Rights. We operate with respect for human dignity and Human Rights and we require the same commitment from all our partners. We ensure an inclusive work environment that values uniqueness and diversity as fundamental resources for the development of humanity
  • Transparency. We are attentive to the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. We are committed to be engaged in continuous dialogue with our counterparts, providing them Clear, complete and truthful information, being aware that sharing objective and results is essential to maximize value and reduce business risks
  • Promotion of development. We work to support an efficient and sustainable access to energy resources that protects the needs of future generations and respects Human Rights, the environment and society as a whole. We favor an inclusive development that can generate shared and lasting value in all territories in which we operate by working alongside the communities
  • Operational excellence. We guarantee the efficiency and integration of our activities, minimizing risks and creating opportunities along the entire value cycle
  • Teamwork and collaboration. We work with passion, believe in team spirit and value everyone's skills. We recognize collaboration as a foundational element to building solid and lasting relationships, through which we can express our potential and achieve corporate objectives
  • Innovation. We believe that innovation is at the basis of personal and business growth. We are committed to acquiring cutting-edge technological skills in order to develop innovative ideas and improve our daily activities, contributing to the progress of civil society by increasing safety and reducing environmental impact.

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