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Eni celebrates seventy years of innovation, transformation, and shared choices. A story made by people, and based on competitiveness and skills. On 10 February 1953, the Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi was established, by Law 136 of the Italian Republic. The new public body was tasked with rebuilding the Country’s energy policy, after World War II, under the guidance of Enrico Mattei - entrepreneur, member of Parliament, and former Partisan Commander. A man that epitomized the energy of the times, and who managed to inject a distinctive nature to the six-legged dog company.

Eni became the engine of the Italian economic growth, contributing toward a modernization that also became a lifestyle. Over time, the business crossed national borders and diversified. In 1995, Eni became a publicly-traded company, marking the beginning of a path that would make it a global power company, with a strong technological imprint. After 2014, new challenges were taken on, beginning the transformation process to meet the energy transition. Our journey continues toward the Net Zero objective, with an approach that takes the entire energy value chain into consideration.


Since 1953 toward the future, together

We celebrate a story based on the value of change.

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We believe in connecting the people’s needs with that of the environment. We want to look at the future, by celebrating our 70th anniversary with the book “Eni, la storia di un’impresaPassato, presente e futuro del cane a sei zampe” and on Enistoria website, while continuing to tackle tomorrow’s challenges, through innovation.

A book tells Eni’s history through documents from the company archive

The volume titled “Eni, the history of an enterprise. Past, present and future of the six-legged dog”, published by the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation in October 2022 brings together five essays resulting from original research conducted in many archives, mainly in Eni's own. A further contribution, which is important for understanding the more recent years, is the interviews with the CEOs who have led the company since its privatisation. A summary of the book and interview abstracts can be downloaded from the download section of the website Enistoria.

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Enistoria: the website

Dates, events and archive images are presented in browsable format and can be sorted by theme. The history of Eni is summarised in its main stages, with a timeline enriched by images and archive footage. Starting from 1953, a key event is highlighted for each year. You can read the sequence chronologically or sort events according to six main themes: People, Research and Technology, International Vision, Business, Communication, Transformation.

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