If you are an ENI CUSTOMER and you want to report problems of a commercial nature DO NOT USE THIS FORM.

Conduct that violates:
Code of Ethics
Model 231 o Compliance models for foreign subsidiaries
laws, regulations, provisions of authorities, internal regulations, that may cause damage or prejudice to Eni, even if only to its public image.

For a summary guide including instructions on how to make a Whistleblowing Report, please see the Poster:

The Whistleblowing Reports are managed in such a way as to guarantee and respect the utmost confidentiality on the persons and facts reported, as well as the anonymity of the data identifying the whistleblower. In particular, the use of the dedicated form to send a Whistleblowing Report (available on this page) guarantees, with IT tools, the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower.
Eni may contact the whistleblower if the whistleblower allows in order to obtain clarifications and/or further details about the reported facts.

Before proceeding, the whistleblower is invited to read the relevant Regulation, copy of which is attached:

Please note that, alternatively, it is possible to send the report also through the following channels:

Email address: whistleblowing@eni.com  -  segnalazioni@eni.com
Ordinary post: Eni S.p.A., Internal Audit, P.le E. Mattei 1, 00144, Rome, Italy
Fax: +39 06 598.27335
Voice mail (Italy only): 800.60.20.099
From abroad you can call the voice mail, where technically possible, with no cost to the caller or at the cost of a local call, using the numbers listed here divided by the countries in which Eni operates (see Poster - Whistleblowing Reports containing the list of telephone numbers). For countries not indicated as yet there is no local freephone number or local toll number. In this case, call the Eni voicemail for Whistleblowing Reports using the toll number: +39 06 598.27323.



In order to protect your identity and to be able to “automatically” guarantee the confidentiality of your identifying data provided to Eni through this whistleblowing form (e.g. name, surname, email address, etc.) it is recommended to: i) input your identifying data only in the specific fields; ii) describe facts and circumstances without reporting your identifying data (e.g. avoid signing the report, possibly using a fancy name in the description, etc.).


(*) compulsory items In the Whistleblowing Report field include at least the following elements relevant to the establishment of the reported matters: i) description of the matter reported; ii) Eni company where the matter occurred and the period, iii) how the matter was discovered and iv) any other persons who may have information relevant to the matter and related details.

*Compulsory Field
*Compulsory Field

Attach documents of report (jpeg/pdf max 10 MB)




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