Riconoscimentio alla Governance di Eni

Eni Governance Awards

National and international awards attributed to Eni's Governance system

Eni’s Governance: results 2022

Eni's Corporate Governance system is based on the principles of integrity, transparency and fairness and over the years it has received important national and international awards, in particular for clarity and transparency in communication. The relative Governance results achieved in 2022 are shown below.

Integrated Governance Index 2022

Eni ranked second in Integrated Governance Index 2022, which is a quantitative index based on a survey addressed to companies, aimed at evaluating the level of ESG integration (Environmental, Social and Governance) into business strategies. 

Eni ranks, therefore, among the companies at the top of this ranking. Among the best-performing areas, the "Corporate Governance Code and Sustainability" area stands out, achieving the highest score assignable, confirming Eni’s commitment to a governance capable of directing all strategic corporate functions, in an integrated way, towards the creation of sustainable value.

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20/09/2022 - 12:00 PM