In detail:

  • the “Responsible Leadership” training project
  • participation in the UN Global Compact LEAD Board Programme
  • the total number of managers trained in the last year

Programmes for management

In 2015 the “Responsible Leadership” project continued, developed with the support of specialists on the issues of management skills and ethics (SDA Bocconi, Politeia), and aimed at disseminating the values of integrity at all organisational levels, both in Italy and abroad, training 5,000 people in WBT. After some 1,100 workshops dedicated to senior managers and the resources that oversee critical work processes, in 2015, through WBT, a further 5,000 people were trained. This enabled Eni to continue the consolidation and enhancement of its decision-making and strategic capacities, in line with to business ethics principles, with particular attention to the strengthening and dissemination of the values of integrity and responsibility, through personal example and building a climate of trust. The second initiative, through adherence to the UN Global Compact LEAD Board Programme, focused on the alignment of the top management on the issue of sustainable value creation, which, for Eni, is expressed in the adoption of a long-term perspective with constant attention to the demands of its people. On 17 September 2015, the second session of the LEAD Board Programme was held, “The role of the Board”, during which the following issues were examined: Climate Change and Corporate Governance and Sustainability: roles and responsibilities.
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