In detail:

  • the managerial training paths ‘Business Oriented Leader’ and ‘Change Leadership’
  • the internal human rights awareness programme

Programmes for management

The end of 2015 saw the launch of first edition of a management training path entitled Business Oriented Leader, aimed at consolidating leadership, the governance of complex systems, process efficiency, the enhancement of know-how and integration, as drivers of business development. The first round ended in May 2016, closely followed by the launch of a second edition, with the involvement of some 60 senior managers representing a range of areas in Eni’s business; a five-month exclusively distance-learning course on the Enicampus platform.

2016 also saw the launch of another management training programme called Change Leadership, in this case focused on consolidating the skills involved in orienting and determining change, promoting innovation and motivating people, also in periods of big change. Also in this case the course was based wholly on distance-learning and ran from May to December, involving 39 young managers from different Eni sites around the world.

With the external support of the Danish Institute for Human Rights, in October 2016, an awareness programme was launched to promote and safeguard human rights in all of the areas in which Eni operates.

The aims in this case were to:

  • spread a culture of human rights
  • understand the impact of human rights on the business
  • identify Eni’s commitment with regard to human rights
  • discover  how specific professional areas deal with human rights issues, also on a day-to-day basis


In October a Workshop for Top Management was organised with international testimonials and involving some 400 participants (both physically present and linked in streaming). Following this event, a distance-learning course was launched for the entire staff of Eni Italy and part of the staff abroad, which, in November and December, involved 22,000 people.

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