Eni's health initiatives
In detail:

  • Eni initiatives for the promotion of health, such as Myto, “my trainer on line”, and the “Early diagnosis” screening programme, and figures on the number of employees involved
  • community health initiatives in line with corporate guidelines and analysis of the local context
  • the maintenance of high quality healthcare services and the management of emergencies
  • a table with highlights of the performance of Eni’s initiatives for the promotion of health

Health promotion initiatives in the company

Space is devoted on the company intranet to:
  • health issues that brings together information
  • news
  • studies and research on health
  • developments in national and EU regulations
Insights and indications are published on healthy lifestyles and nutrition, the use of medicines and correct posture to be adopted during work. It is also offers continuous updates about Eni programmes for the promotion of health. A communication campaign on healthy lifestyles has also been launched called the “Eni wellness programme” as well as, Myto: “my trainer online”, an interactive personalized programme for psychological and physical well-being. A daily half an hour of physical activity, combined with a balanced diet and control of harmful habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, has an important impact on reducing risks due to obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Myto is a service:
  • tailored to the specific characteristics and needs of Eni’s people
  • to help them to adopt or maintain, a lifestyle in line with the principles of prevention.
With Myto Eni’s people have at their disposal not only a programme of activity calibrated by experts from sports federations based on individual characteristics and needs, but also a series of support services. A qualified team of experts provides help and guidance towards a healthier lifestyle, which allows you to live better. Plus, with the keeping of “diaries” (on diet, physical activity, alcohol consumption and smoking, and well-being activities) member can raise awareness of their lifestyle and make improvements where necessary.
All the people of Eni and its subsidiaries in Italy can enroll on www.mytraineronline.it which is accessible on the internet or corporate intranet myEni. After completing a questionnaire, experts identify the psycho-physical profile on the basis of which a customised training programme is prepared and approved by a sports physician.
A “wellness coach”, together with a doctor and trainer, will then monitor progress.

A number of cancer prevention projects have also been conducted which, in 2015, saw a significant participation by Eni workers: 3,832 people and a total of about 9,527 tests. The “Early Detection” screening programme has been updated and expanded in the number and type of tests and the new “Prevent with Eni” programme is currently the subject of a procurement process for extension to the national level.
The “A supportive network to implement rules for the protection of cancer sufferers in the workplace” project continued with a telephone help-line that provided help in areas of social care, regulatory, therapeutic to anyone in need. This has proved a useful resource for the many people who have taken advantage of it. With targeted and customised information, users were able to experience the opportunity of being “accompanied” on such a delicate path. In light of these and other initiatives and activities developed in the context of health promotion, to promote people’s psycho-physical wellbeing, Eni and its companies in San Donato Milanese participate in the European WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) programme and, in 2015, were recognised by the Lombardy Region and the Milan ASL 2, as “workplaces that promote health”.

Also for Eni people and their families abroad, health promotion initiatives have been created that include:
  • vaccination programmes and the fight against endemic diseases (influenza vaccination in many countries)
  • information and prevention of chronic diseases (programmes on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in Congo, on hypertension and diabetes in Angola)
  • prevention and information on tumors (prevention programmes for cervical, breast and prostate cancer in Nigeria) 
  • fight against insect-borne diseases in many countries of central Africa.

Community Health Initiatives

In line with company guidelines and community health initiatives based on local context analyses, we aim to:
  • promote and develop the public health of local communities 
  • promote socio-economic development through the mitigation of potential negative impacts (following an impact assessment) 
  • promote specific projects to meet the health needs of the population.
In any case, community health initiatives aim to enhance host communities through a sustainable, innovative and productive process that promotes health awareness and strengthens the management capacity of public health services to improve the welfare of the population. In 2015 16 Environmental Social and Health Impact Assessments were conducted, as follows:
  • 1 pre-Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment
  • 15 Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessment

Healthcare and emergency assistance

Over the last year we ensured the maintenance of qualified health care in line with the health requirements of Eni and related regulations. It ensured the continuous assessment of needs and the introduction of the improvement actions to ensure the quality of services. It was therefore, necessary to provide for:
  • the development of a health care model built on four variables to provide a homogeneous and standardised service in every operating environment, capable of adequately meeting the needs of Eni people.
  • the continuous supply of equipment, medicines and para-pharmaceutical materials in corporate health facilities.
  • the identification and, where necessary, updating of local plans for care and the management of public health emergencies 
  • the selection of specialised medical providers, the review of existing contracts, particularly in countries where operations have been launched recently
  • the activation and renewal of insurance contracts
  • the continuous updating of processes and health procedures. 
  • the creation of a travelling Medicine Programme, aimed at the activation of health risk mitigation measures during business trips.
During 2015 the commitment to the improvement and implementation of programmes and initiatives for the management of medical emergencies in the first, second and third level continued. Activities at subsidiaries abroad and in Italy sites concerned:
  • the updating and revision of contracts with service providers 
  • the carrying out of new health emergency drills, aimed at testing the effectiveness of MERPs (Medical Emergency Response Plans) and ensuring continuous updating 
  • the continuous training of health personnel and employees 
  • logistical and infrastructural measures aimed at ensuring a better response to emergencies
  • the supply of equipment
  • the implementation of new emergency management plans (MERP - Medical Emergency Response Plans).
The continuous verification and updating of procedures for the management of medical emergencies is ensured at all operating structures, both in Italy and abroad.

Health Impact Assessments carried out 18 32 16
OHSAS 18001 certifications 83 90 92
Employees included in health monitoring programs 25,901 23,759 20,672
Diagnostic procedures 109,171 108,445 107,501
- of which diagnostic tests 72,977 82,805 83,550
- of which laboratory protocols 36,194 25,640 23,951
Services provided by Company health structures 442,312 438,431 466,536
- of which to employees 346,738 350,862 367,884
- of which to third parties 95,574 87,569 98,625
Vaccinations provided by Company structures 14,227 10,449 10,012
- of which to employees 9,255 6,527 6,872
- of which to third parties 5,022 3,922 3,140
Repatriation for health reasons 43 23 28
- of which employees 34 19 25
- of which contract workers 6 3 1
- of which family members 3 1 2

The table does not contain information relating to the subsidiary Versalis SpA, since an agreement is being finalised for the sale of a controlling stake.


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