Eni's health initiatives
In detail:
  • Eni wellness program
  • Myto, “my trainer on line”
  • “Early diagnosis” screening programme
  • Prevent with Eni Eni’s health initiatives in 2017

Health promotion

Eni’s health promotion programs embrace the three classic prevention levels:
  • primary, aimed at raising awareness on correct lifestyles through communication and training initiatives;
  • secondary, which detects at an early stage the onset of a pathology to avoid its evolution;
  • tertiary, aimed at curing the illness and facilitating rehabilitation to avoid further damage.
In the implementation of its health promotion programme, Eni is strongly operational not only in Italy but also at the international level. For all employees abroad, Eni guarantees assistance through on-site health care centers and conventions with important international health organizations that, if necessary, also help the patient repatriate quickly. In line with the needs of the countries in which it operates, and with the support of Eni Foundation, it carries out projects to strengthen the primary care systems and vaccination campaigns. In Italy the following initiatives have been launched:
  • Eni wellness program” – A communication campaign on the correct lifestyles aimed at changing lifestyles, to stimulate and encourage the improvement of one’s wellbeing through simple daily choices.
  • Myto, “my trainer on line” – An interactive and personalised programme for physical and psychological well-being, tailored to the specific characteristics and needs of Eni’s people to help them to adopt or maintain a lifestyle in line with the concept of prevention.
  • "Early diagnosis" – A cancer prevention screening differentiated by age and gender groups, carried out at national level in collaboration with the Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori. "Prevent with Eni" – A mini check-up including an oncological screening and haematochemical examinations carried out in structures of excellence operating in the national territory.
The project also includes: a solidarity network to implement the rules for the protection of cancer workers in the workplace and a help-line that provides answers regarding social-welfare, regulatory and therapeutic issues.

Health initiatives in 2017

In 2017, all of the companies continued the implementation of health management systems with the objective of promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of Eni people and ensuring adequate risk management in the workplace. Confirming this, the business areas completed the health monitoring programs producing a final result in line with that planned by the competent physicians. In 2017, in order to assess the potential impact of projects on the health of the communities involved, the Upstream sector completed 13 HIA (Health Impact Assessment), of which 10 were integrated ESHIA studies (Environmental and Social Health Impact Assessment): 3 in Cyprus, 2 in Egypt, 2 in Italy, 2 in Tunisia, 1 in Nigeria; 1 Health baseline (Italy); 1 pre-ESHIA (Egypt) and 1 HIA in Kazakhstan. The number of health services sustained by the Company in 2017 is 450,398, of which 297,480 were for employees, 79,687 for family members and 56,573 for contractors. The number of participants in health promotion initiatives in 2017 was 56,765, of which 34,458 were employees, 11,739 were contractors and 10,568 were family members. The significant increase compared to the previous year is due to an improvement in reporting. As concern occupational illnesses, claims fell during 2017 from 133 to 120, with an overall reduction of 10%, due to the reduction of illnesses reported, both from former employees (from 119 to 108 claims) and current employees (from 14 to 12 claims).

Health Impact Assessments carried out 17 8 13
Employees included in health monitoring programmes 25,497 31,643 30,944
Number of health services provided - 484,984 450,398
- of which to employees - 349,763 297,480
- of which to contractors - 72,350 56,573
- of which to relatives - 56,677 79,687
- of which to others - 6,194 16,658
Number of registrations to health promotion initiatives - 27,424 56,765
- of which to employees - 18,245 34,458
- of which to contractors - 7,762 11,739
- of which to relatives - 1,417 10,568
OIFR Occupational Illness Frequency Rate (Eni total) 0.10 0.15 0.13
Number of occupational illnesses 125 133 120
    • - of which current employees
9 14 12
    • - of which to previous employees
116 119 108

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