Eni has been operating in Tunisia since 1961 in the Upstream, Gas & LNG Power and Marketing and Refining & Marketing sectors.


Eni has been operating in Tunisia since 1961 in the Upstream, Gas & LNG Power and Marketing and Refining & Marketing sectors.

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  • Development

    Development activities have been configured to optimise interventions on concessions in production to counter the natural decline in production.

  • Distribution of Refined Products

    Eni is present in the Tunisian market for bitumen and lubricants. For the former, since 1998 Eni has held a 34%  stake in (JV) Bitumed, a company that is involved in the import and marketing of bitumen in the Tunisian market, but also in the distribution of lubricants, through a 30-year partnership with the state-owned company Société Nationale de Distribution des Pétroles (SNDP)

  • Gas Transmission

    In the gas sector, between 1977 and 1983, Eni built the Transmed gas pipeline linking Algeria to Italy via Tunisia. The gas pipeline is one of the most demanding projects that have been put into operation so far. This pipeline is 740-kilometer long, has five compression stations, and transports natural gas from Algeria across Tunisia from Oued Saf Saf at the Algerian border to Cap Bon on the Sicily Channel where it links with the TMPC pipeline.

  • Production

    Eni’s production amounted to 9 kboe/d. Eni’s activities are located mainly in the Southern Desert areas and in the Mediterranean offshore facing Hammamet, over a developed acreage of 3,600 square kilometers (1,558 square kilometers net to Eni). Production is mainly from the Maamoura and Baraka offshore blocks (both operated with a 49% share) and the onshore blocks Adam (Eni 25%, operator), Oued Zar (Eni 50%, operator), Djebel Grouz (Eni 50% , operator), MLD (Eni 50%) and El Borma (Eni 50%).

Offices & contacts
Exploration & Production
Eni Tunisia BV (Filiale)
Residence "H" Maghrebia Assurance - Rue du Lac de Come - Berges Du Lac - 2045 - Tunis
Ph.: (0031) 20 5753399

Société de Service du Gazoduc Transtunisien SA
Boulevard 7 Novembre 1082 - Tunisi
Ph.: (0031) 20 5707100

E&P: 2017 Production

  • Hydrocarbons (kboe/d) 5
  • Liquids (kbbl/d) 87
  • Natural gas (mmcf/d) 12.7
Source: eni.com

Eni in Tunisia

  • Commencement of operations 1960
  • Employees until December 31, 2017 469

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Production in 2017

was destined to Eni's mid-downstream business. About 20% of natural gas production sold (1,713 bcf) was destined to Eni's Gas & Power segment. The table with data on the production of Eni hydrocarbons in [...] Algeria 68 117.2 90 77 115.5 98 79 94.1 96 Libya ...

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Production in 2016

production sold (320 mmbbl) was destined to Eni's mid- downstream sectors. About 22% of natural gas production sold (1,574 bcf) was destined to Eni's Gas & Power segment . Eni keeps on monitoring its productive [...] represented Eni's share). In particular, oil productive wells were 6,673 (2,494.7 of which represented Eni's share); natural gas productive wells amounted to 2,726 (1,242.9 of which represented Eni's share).

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Investors and ENI stakeholders

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