Green Data Centre

The Eni Green Data Centre was developed with the aim of ensuring the highest level of reliability for all of the company’s IT requirements, and to achieve world-beating “green” energy efficiency results. The facility hosts all of the central processing systems, both for management systems and the processing of HPC simulations. Located in Ferrera Erbognone, the plant is designed to accommodate IT systems with energy absorption of up to 30MW of useful IT power, in a space of up to 5,200 square metres. Construction began in early 2010 and the centre was inaugurated on 29 October 2013.

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  • HPC

    At its Green Data Centre in Ferrera Erbognone (in the province of Pavia), Eni has added a new HPC4 (High Performance Computing) super computer, to provide strategic support to the company’s process of digital transformation across the entire value chain, from the exploration and development phase of oil and gas reservoirs, to the management of the big data generated in the operational phase by all our productive assets (upstream, refining and petrochemicals). HPC4 has a peak performance of 18.6 PetaFlop/s which, combined with the supercomputing system already in operation (HPC3), increases Eni’s computational peak capacity to 22.4 PFlop/s. The new mainframe quadruples the power of the entire Green Data Center infrastructure in Ferrara Erbognone making it the most powerful mainframe in the world, when looking at industries, and the fourth system in the world in terms of energy efficiency (PetaFlop/MegaWatt). Thanks to HPC4 in May 2018 Eni has achieved breakthrough in Oil & Gas reservoir numerical modeling: it executed 100,000 high-resolution reservoir model simulation runs, taking into account geological uncertainties, in a record time of 15 hours. In comparison, most reservoir engineers in the industry can run just one single simulation run in a few hours with CPU-based hardware and software.

Back to the Future 4

With the HPC4 (High Performance Computing) Eni's six-legged dog enters the future with the industry most powerful super computer. For the occasion, we go back in the heart of the Pianura Padana, in Ferrera Erbognone which houses it: The Green Data Center. From the outside, it looks as a ...


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Efficiency, reliability, security: GreenDataCenter&HPC4 - #innovation4energy | Eni Video Channel

The Green Data Center: it is a kind of nerd paradise. The supercomputer, HPC4, will allow us to increase our modelling capacity without impacting on the speed of response times and it will also enable as to build increasingly sophisticated models and efficiently manage the enourmous amount of data involved in the construction of our models.

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Energy Efficiency and Green Data Center - Eniday | Eni Video Channel

The Green Data Center achives efficiency by using alternative solutions. Watch the video to discover more!

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Green Data Center and HPC

planet are fed to the Green Data Center and processed using mathematical models that yield an accurate picture of the subterranean world. Listen to the podcast Green Data Center: efficiency and reliability [...] governmental and non-institutional supercomputers. The new mainframe quadruples the power of the entire Green Data Center infrastructure in ...

2 May 2018 Section: Innovation

Digitalization at Eni

1970s. Our digitalization process recently saw us launch the industrial supercomputer HPC4 at the Green Data Center in Ferrera Erbognone, near Pavia, just south of Milan. We see digital transformation as a way [...] increasingly be the driver behind countries' economic development . HPC4: digital excellence at Eni The Green Data Center ...

5 November 2018 Section: company

Eni's strategy

leap forward in our calculation and computing capacities. Not to mention the benefits of the Green Data Center, which has enabled us to greatly reduce our emissions. For Eni, new skills and technology are

5 July 2018 Section: investors

Sand box

performance computing (HPC) that enables high-resolution PSM studies to be carried out. The Green Data Center : the Green Data Centre at Ferrera Erbognone (Pavia) hosts the central information-technology

1 January 2016 Section: Innovation

Seismic data

terrestrial and marine depths and facilitate the optimal positioning of drilling wells. Inside the Green Data Center the combination of geophysics and computer science, "seismic imaging" and HPC, together with

1 January 2016 Section: Innovation

Exploration and development activities

from underground investigations. The new "super number cruncher" quadruples the prestige of the Green Data Center, making it the most powerful industrial installation of its kind in the world. Development operations

24 July 2018 Section: operations