Zohr is the largest gas discovery ever made in Egypt and in the Mediterranean Sea and will be able to satisfy a part of Egypt’s natural gas demand for decades to come. Eni has produced its first gas from the supergiant Zohr field in a record time for this type of field, less than two and a half years from the discovery. For this reason, it is one of seven record-breaking projects from Eni, all of which are remarkable for their rapid approval rates and times to start-up. The field is now producing 2 bcfd, equivalent to approximately 365,000 boed. This outstanding result has been achieved only a few months after the first gas in December 2017 and one year before the schedule of the Plan of Development. This level of production was achieved thanks to the start-up of the fifth production unit (T4), and confirms the program pursued by Eni, its partner, EGAS and their joint venture company Petrobel aimed to reach a plateau in excess of 2.7 bcfd in 2019.

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Project Key-Facts

  • Project name Zohr
  • Country Egypt
  • Operator Yes
  • Start-up 2H17
  • Equity peak in 4 YP (kboed) 200
Source: 2018-2021 Strategy Presentation

Gas Advocacy

Eni is focused on continuous growth based on exploration and the creation of long-term value, for a future in which everyone can have efficient and sustainable access to energy. To this end, it has embarked on an energy transition towards a low-carbon future that gives natural gas a central role alongside the growing development of renewable sources. In fact, gas advocacy, along with the promotion of renewables, can help eliminate the use of more polluting fossil fuels, such as coal, which is responsible for more than 70% of CO₂ emissions in the electricity sector. As a demonstration of this commitment, gas accounts for 51% of Eni’s consolidated reserves.

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Dual Exploration Model

The “Dual Exploration Model” strategy is based on the simple principle that, as hydrocarbon reserves increase, the benefits come from early monetization, achieved through the sale of minority stakes to other players. By intersecting the development and exploration phases, time-to-market is faster and the costs of transforming discoveries into production are reduced.
The Dual Exploration model is a winning combination of low exploration costs, reduced investment and risk and high returns, which, between 2013 and 2017 enabled Eni to earn 10.3 billion from exploration activities and to obtain recognition of the value of its exploration assets, also from the main national and international Oil & Gas companies.

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Eni reaches all-time production record

1 million and 950 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day.

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The discovery and development of the Zohr gas field in Egypt

Like all great exploration discoveries also the Zohr discovery is full of surprises, the unexpected, intuitions, mistakes, skill, enthusiasm, and ups and downs in which the human element is as crucial as the technology. It's a story worth telling from the beginning because we already know what Eni has ...


Biorefineries: green transformation projects

Eni has launched a zero-impact industry transformation programs with the conversion of the Venice and Gela Biorefineries.

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Progetto Italia

Progetto Italia aims to convert brownfield sites into facilities that generate electricity from renewable sources.

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L'Italia al centro della nostra strategia | Eni Video Channel

L'Italia al centro della nostra strategia.

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The Story of Zohr - Eniday | Eni Video Channel

Like all great exploration discoveries also the Zohr discovery is full of surprises, the unexpected, intuitions, mistakes, skill in which the human element is as crucial as the technology. We've started production in less than two and a half years from the discovery: Zohr is a clear example of the way we explore and fast-track value and cash. DIscover the story of Zohr!

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The history of Zohr

production in 2019 2.7 bn Bcf of gas production in 2019 Zohr's contribution to energy stability in Egypt and the Mediterranean What impact will Zohr have on gas reserves, on helping Egypt to achieve energy [...] discover the actual trends to 2020 and beyond. Go the infographic The story ...

11 May 2018 eni.com Section: operations

Zohr: the infographic

in Innovation We are an energy company.We are working to build a future where everyone can access energy resources efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion and innovation, on our uniq

20 December 2017 eni.com Section: company

Eni’s activities in Egypt

communities in the next four years, in particular in the Zohr and Port Said areas. The programs will be fully financed by Eni and its partners in the Zohr project with an overall expense of $20 million. The defined [...] build an aquaculture center nearby to the Zohr onshore plants. The ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

Gas advocacy

resilient in a low-carbon scenario. Zohr: the biggest deposit of natural gas in the Mediterranean Located in Egyptian territorial waters in the Mediterranean sea, Zohr is the biggest offshore deposit of [...] Cape Three Points (OCTP) project is making an important contribution to energy access in Ghana. In May 2017, we ...

26 April 2018 eni.com Section: operations

Eni’s proved and undeveloped reserves

for the Coral project offshore Mozambique and the Johan Castberg project offshore Norway; (iii) reclassification of 315 million boe of proved undeveloped reserves at the Perla gas project in Venezuela to [...] previous estimates (up by 240 mmboe) mainly reported in Egypt due to the development activity of the Zohr project ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: enipedia

Eni’s operations: mission, challenges and exploratory successes

FPSO N' Goma - West Hub Project Armada Olombendo - East Hub Development Project Load out - Jangkrik Complex Project Goliat, the Giant - IV The start of the production A record breaking field - Nooros #NessunDorma [...] Hub projects; in Egypt on Zohr, the largest deposit in the Mediterranean Sea; on Nooros, offshore in the ...

10 August 2017 eni.com Section: operations

Eni in the World

desert in 1954 to today: the discovery of Coral in Mozambique, Zohr, the largest gas field in the Mediterranean, and the Salissa Mwana project in Congo. Today Eni in Africa means integrating Oil & Gas with

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: company

The six legged dog history

The Istituto Eni Donegani becomes the centre for research on non-conventional energy sources. 2007 Zohr Eni discovers the largest gas field ever found in the Mediterranean Sea in the Egyptian offshore. [...] supercomputer, allowing the company to speed up time-to-market of its projects. 2018 The Integrated OCTP Project will provide the ...

12 May 2016 eni.com Section: company

2017 results

Slurry Technology (EST) conversion proprietary technology. Projects Zohr development Achieved production start-up at the supergiant Zohr gas field in record time-to-market: in less than two years from the [...] which approximately 90% oil. Scheduled a fast-track development plan. Coral project Sanctioned by the partners the development project for the exclusive reserves ...

6 April 2017 eni.com Section: company

The exploration model and projects

conventional exploration models. That's how we achieved seven records: West and East Hub in Angola, Nooros and Zohr in Egypt, Nené Marine in the Republic of Congo, Jangkrik in Indonesia and OCTP in Ghana. Here are [...] analyses for development are made during exploration. The information collected enables us to ...

8 June 2018 eni.com Section: operations

The path to decarbonization

rapid development of natural gas. In Egypt's Zohr , for example, we started producing gas in record time - just two-and-a-half years after it was discovered. Zohr, which is the largest off-shore natural gas [...] gas deposit in the world, currently produces 200,000 boe/day , of which Eni's share is ...

18 July 2018 eni.com Section: operations

Eni reaches all-time production record

boe/d Eni's production in the fields East Hub, OCTP, Jangkrik, Zohr 310 k boe/d Eni's production in the fields East Hub, OCTP, Jangkrik, Zohr 160 k boe/d 2017 production for Eni in the four fields 160 k [...] started production from Angola's East Hub field ...

21 December 2017 eni.com Section: operations

2017: annual and fourth quarter performances

has produced excellent results in terms of both start-ups and ramp-ups: in addition to Zohr, the East Hub project in Angola, OCTP in Ghana and Jangkrik in Indonesia started production with a very short [...] major successes during the year, with the biggest achievement being the start of production at the ...

27 April 2018 eni.com Section: enipedia

A year of solid results for the Company

Area 4 in Mozambique to ExxonMobil and 50 per cent of the assets under development in the Egyptian Zohr offshore field. The latter took place under three separate arrangements: with BP (10 per cent), Russian [...] commitment to the fight against climate change has been recognised by the CDP (Carbon Disclosure ...

16 April 2018 eni.com Section: company

Exploration and development activities

suggest this discovery has great potential, confirming the decision to extend research in the Zohr field. Zohr is one of Eni's record projects, demonstrating the success of the integrated exploration and [...] development operations are carried out during exploration and the information required to improve project engineering and reduce the ...

24 July 2018 eni.com Section: operations

Exploration in 2016

Jangkrik project in Indonesia, the oil and gas development of the Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) licence in Ghana, the Kashagan restart in Kazakhstan, the accelerated start-up of the giant Zohr discovery [...] $1/boe. Exploration activities are planned for the near future in new promising licences. A 40% stake of ...

10 August 2017 eni.com Section: enipedia

2016 portfolio development

up of the East Hub Development project in the Block 15/06, five months earlier than scheduled and with a time-to-market among the best in the industry. The East Hub project will develop the reservoir in [...] expected by the end of 2017 start-up of M'Pungi and M'Pungi North ...

9 August 2017 eni.com Section: enipedia

The production activities of Eni oil fields

1) for this project, which will generate an additional installed capacity of 400 million standard ft^3 per day (MMSCFD), just four months on from the start of production. This will give Zohr a capacity [...] in production and a substantial reduction in the tax rate . Eni began production on the ...

11 May 2018 eni.com Section: operations

2017 portfolio development

achieved earlier than scheduled at the operated project of East Hub in Angola, Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) in Ghana, Jangkrik in Indonesia and Zohr giant field, as mentioned above. The success of [...] financial close of project financing for the construction of a floating unit for the liquefaction of natural ...

9 August 2017 eni.com Section: enipedia

Gas Systems

Knowing the quality of hydrocarbons in advance. The Gas Systems project Knowing the quality of hydrocarbons in advance. Modelling the petroleum system The petroleum system is the set of criteria necessary [...] most interest for exploration and any factors that might constitute a risk. Matilde Dalla Rosa, project manager research and ...

1 January 2016 eni.com Section: Innovation