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CCUS: a Key Tool for a Low Carbon Future

For the International Energy Agency too, the capture, use and storage of carbon dioxide will be fundamental to achieving zero emissions within this century.

18 February 2021

Sunlight, an inexhaustible gift

The three technological innovations developed by Eni to use the energy released by the main sequence star.

01 February 2021

Creating water resilience

The world's water resources are currently subject to increasing stress, which threatens ecosystems, economies and society more generally, so the reasoned and planned commitment of companies is fundamental.


A Fistful of (Virtual) Dollars

Zuckerberg's hi-tech giant’ll have its digital currency based on blockchain technology. It’s difficult to understand how it will be managed.

19 November 2019

The inevitable energy transition

COVID-19 has provided the most significant economic challenge of the past 75 years. Engineering a recovery that does not make the world safer for all by meeting the needs of all would be a historic abdication of our responsibilities.

17 November 2020

Europe's Gamble

Europe's ambition to become the most important global change agent in technological innovation will depend on use of budget devoted to it.

11 November 2019

An extra gear

The transport sector is responsible for almost a quarter of energy-related gas emissions. The use of Artificial Intelligence can produce the radical innovation needed to speed up the transition to a more sustainable system.


The relentless force of the wind

The secrets of wind energy, a technology in constant evolution able to reach impressive peaks.

16 March 2021

The city in 15 minutes

Rethinking the big cities to make them more ecological and on a human scale.

24 November 2020

Closing Gaps and Financing Taps

In many countries in the sub-Saharan region, the financing capacity of individuals and governments is small compared to the amount of resources needed to guarantee that rural populations have access to water.

18 June 2020