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The first element

Hydrogen: from its discovery to the many experiments to use it as an ideal source of energy and resource for powering electric cars.

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Board of director's communications

Eni launches a new business structure to be a leader in the energy transition

04 June 2020 - 5:45 PM CEST
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Refining and bio-refining

Eni: biomass treatment plant launches in Gela

18 months after the bio-refinery was opened, the new BTU plant begins production, allowing up to 100% of raw material waste to be used for biofuel production

19 March 2021 - 2:55 PM CET

In Gela the most innovative biorefinery in Europe

The plant processes used vegetable and cooking oils, animal fats, algae and waste to produce high quality biofuels.


Waste to Fuel: biofuels from food waste

Our technology extracts bio-oil from the organic component of household waste.


Porto Marghera: land reclamation and Waste to Fuel

The project is divided into the reclamation of the area, and the construction of two photovoltaic plants and a Waste to Fuel plant.


Brindisi: demineralised water in the new membrane plant

The plant will allow its production through efficient technology to improve the use of water resources.


Assemini: environmental reclamation and renewable sources

The project launched in Sardinia aims to protect the historical heritage of the Saline Conti Vecchi and develop new energy sources.

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