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Our integrated operations

We work in 68 countries. Our goal is to achieve carbon neutrality and promote access to energy resources in an efficient and sustainable way for all.


The first element

Hydrogen: from its discovery to the many experiments to use it as an ideal source of energy and resource for powering electric cars.

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Board of director's communications

Eni launches a new business structure to be a leader in the energy transition

04 June 2020 - 5:45 PM CEST

Porto Marghera: land reclamation and Waste to Fuel

The project is divided into the reclamation of the area, and the construction of two photovoltaic plants and a Waste to Fuel plant.


Environmental reclamation and renewables at Assemini

The project launched in Sardinia aims to protect the historical heritage of the Saline Conti Vecchi and develop new energy sources.


Brindisi: new plant will use membrane technology to produce demineralised water

The plant will allow its production through efficient technology to improve the use of water resources.

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