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Care for the environment and biodiversity at Eni

Eni's commitment to the environment and biodiversity is a cornerstone of our mission. We are committed to pursuing an energy transition that is fair to society and protects the planet.

Eni’s subsidiaries and affiliates

Eni operates in the domestic and international market, as well as through a wide range of subsidiaries.

Our work in Bahrain

In 2018 our expansion strategy helped us get a permit for seven new exploration areas in the Middle East, one of which was in Bahrain, where we have been working in E&P since January 2019.


The regeneration of Ponticelle in Ravenna

This ongoing project is a good example of the redevelopment of an abandoned industrial area with a circular and low-carbon perspective.


Environmental reclamation in Priolo

The industrial site is an example of integration between business activities, groundwater reclamation and protection of local cultural heritage.


Gela: R&D initiatives for chemistry

In Gela we are committed to safeguarding the area by focusing on research and sustainable development.

Logo Eni

Annual Report 2019

The 2019 Annual Report includes the consolidated non-financial statement (NFI).

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