Eni’s integrated approach to decarbonisation

More sustainable products, services and solutions for the energy transition

The global energy market confronts companies and institutions with the need to accelerate the energy transition process to tackle climate change while ensuring universal access to energy. It is a big challenge that Eni is ready for thanks to a medium and long-term strategic plan aimed at being Net Zero by 2050.

The approach of the company, which has been organized with a structure called Sustainable B2B, brings together research and development, technical and scientific expertise and experience in a virtuous ecosystem of international collaborations and partnerships. The focus on technological innovation that drives Eni towards decarbonisation makes it a global energy tech company.

Eni’s integrated model consists of products, services and solutions tailor-made for small, medium and large companies, with a holistic and cross-cutting approach.


Products, services and solutions for sustainability

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A mix of products and solutions for an increasingly efficient mobility

Eni's proposal, also through Eni Sustainable Mobility (Italian version), a company 100% controlled by Eni, involves solutions and services designed to make transportation more sustainable. It includes energy carriers such as biofuels, biomethane, hydrogen and electricity, as well as diversified services: from electric charging stations to car sharing by Enjoy. Additionally, Eni Live Stations are mobility points dedicated to people and cars, where multiple services can be managed through apps. To further contribute to transport decarbonisation, Eni has developed a vertical integration model to the production of biofuels, incorporating the production of agri-feedstock in Africa made from waste and vegetable raw materials that do not compete with food production. This development model does not end with Kenya, and research is continuing with experiments that will be reproduced in various African countries and with the development of drought-resistant crops that do not compete with food production at the Agri-Energy laboratory in Marrubiu (Oristano), the result of a joint venture between Eni and Bonifiche Ferraresi.

Renewable energy and efficiency certifications

It is only through energy-efficient solutions and the use of renewable energy that we can already reduce energy consumption, costs and emissions at home and at work. Plenitude, Eni’s subsidiary Benefit Company, guarantees renewable electricity supplies, promoting sustainable solutions for Energy. And in order to ensure its activities around the world are ever more sustainable, it continues to invest in research into alternative energy sources such as solar, onshore and offshore wind, storage and floating wind. 

Game-changing technology for the energy transition

Eni is able to manage the entire technological chain because it collaborates with the biggest international players and  invests heavily in scientific research and digitisation. This enables it to achieve innovative proprietary technological solutions capable of producing huge leaps forward: the capture of CO2 (CCUS) and  magnetic confinement fusion, as well as advances in hydrogen production, all of which contribute to increasingly decarbonised solutions for customers, further bridging the gap between research and large-scale industrialisation.

Circular and from renewable sources chemistry: Versalis and its products

Giving new life to plastic waste through recycling in the name of circularity. A technological challenge that also engages Eni in renewably sourced chemistry through Versalis. From scientific research to the development of innovative projects, we shape new products with different polymer bases for use in a range of quality applications.

Sustainable environmental rehabilitation: remediation, water and waste management

The principles of a circular economy underpin the environmental company Eni Rewind. It is committed to developing sustainable projects for the recovery and remediation of industrial and reclamation land, water and waste in Italy and abroad. Its consolidated experience allows it to work on the redevelopment of former industrial sites of different types and sizes.

Synergies and agreements for the energy transition

Eni's position as a leader in the energy transition process is based on an integrated and efficient model. The Eni Sustainable B2B structure offers products, services and solutions to optimise time and resources across many sectors: heavy industry, transport, logistics, construction, retail, textiles, pharmaceuticals, public administration  and finance. You can request information and further details at: sustainableB2B@eni.com