Bir Rebaa North: our photovoltaic project in Algeria

The plant built in the Algerian desert allows the fields of Block 403 to be supplied with clean energy.

Under costruction a new solar power plant and inaugurated Solar Lab

In November 2018, we took the first step to introduce PV technology in Algeria, starting up a solar power plant in Block 403 at the BRN production site. The 10 MW plant is proof that renewable energy projects can provide efficient support to our activities and, at the same time, contribute to decarbonising the facility’s hydrocarbon production. In line with Eni’s global net-zero strategy and to promote the development of renewable energy sources in Algeria, in November 2022 we laid the first stone of a 10MW photovoltaic plant. Together with an existing 10MW photovoltaic facility launched in 2018, it will double the renewable energy available to power the upstream processes. We have also inaugurated Solar Lab. This laboratory, open to universities and other public institutions for research purposes, is equipped with different photovoltaic panels. They will be tested in the extreme irradiation conditions of southern Algeria, allowing the collection and analysis of data. The BRN Solar Lab is a twin of the one already built at the Eni Research Center in Novara. It will allow homogeneous comparisons of the behaviour of photovoltaic devices between the two locations, which have different irradiation and climate.


Eni’s partnership with Sonatrach began in 1972 with the construction of Transmed and continues.

Safety first

Safety in the workplace is an imperative value we want to share with our employees, contractors and local stakeholders. We are committed to eliminate accidents and protect the integrity of our assets. We consolidate a culture of safety through management and organization models, digital tools and communication initiatives. Our goal is strengthening the awareness of our people and their sense of responsibility toward themselves and others, by expanding HSE tools and digitalization to make corporate processes safer, more efficient and faster. 

Environment and community

The plant supply green energy to the oil field, contributing to the progressive decarbonization of the local energy system and the reduction of greenhouse gases. We have been operating in Algeria since 1981 and currently hold 32 mining permits there, producing 31 mmboe annual hydrocarbon, making us the main international company in the country. Alongside exploration and production activities, we promote the sustainable development of Algeria as part of our strategy of pursuing a low-carbon energy transition.


To strengthen our collaboration within the sector, we have signed agreements with Sonatrach to create a research laboratory at the BRN production site, allowing us to test solar technologies in the desert environment. We are also planning to form a joint venture that will build and operate solar-power plants at Sonatrach’s production sites in Algeria.