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Interactive tools for Eni's financial results

The performance of Eni Group and its business segments is represented by the financial statements and certain KPI or non-GAAP measures, not provided by IFRS (adjusted operating profit and adjusted net profit). These KPIs facilitate the comparison of underlying business performance across periods, including non-recurring items.
The Group's economic results are detailed by business segments: Exploration &Production, Global Gas&LNG Portfolio, Refining&Marketing and Chemicals, Plenitude&Power, Corporate and other activities.
The Summarized Group balance sheet allow to analyze sources of funds and investments in fixed assets and working capital.
The summarized cash flow statement allows to understand changes in cash and cash equivalents and in net borrowings between the beginning and the end of the period.
"Free cash flow" allows the monitoring of the surplus or cash deficit available after financing investments. The ratio between net borrowings and shareholders’ equity (leverage) represents the soundness and efficiency of the Group financial structure.

Performance of the Eni Group

The economic, financial and operational data of the last five years (2019-2023).

Financial KPIs

2023 2022 2021
Net profit (loss) per share(a) (€) 1.40 3.95 1.60
Cash flow per share(a) (€) 4.58 5.01 3.61
Adjusted Return on average capital employed (ROACE)  (%) 12.3 22.0 8.4
Net Debt/EBITDA adjusted 74.4 43.0 83.7

(a) Fully diluted. Ratio of net profit/ cash low and average number of shares outstanding in the period. Dollar amounts are converted on the basis of the average EUR/USD exchange rate quoted by Reuters (WMR) for the period presented.

Eni's interactive Annual Report 2023

Browse through figures that clearly show the results of our commitment to Net Zero targets.

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