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Research and Development

The world of Research & Development

Primary activities

Our colleagues in Research & Development are the cornerstone of Eni's innovation and a key element in energy transformation, contributing to transitioning to a low carbon future. At Eni, innovation is essential for accessing new energy resources, which means our professionals have the opportunity to grow in a dynamic, international environment where their expertise is valued and in demand throughout the organisation. We constantly invest in training and facilities to enable R&D at Eni to be amongst the best in the industry.


Following are the main positions in the Research and Development areas

  • R&D Engineers
    R&D Engineers work in project teams to develop new technologies. Beginning with research, our R&D Engineers follow projects through to deployment and industrialisation. They apply engineering approaches to design, construction and commissioning of bench-scale, pilot and demonstration plants. They also handle market applications, interacting with our Research Centre Departments and Business Units and overseeing state-of-the-art technologies. Our R&D Engineers also analyse non-routine production problems and advise on possible solutions.
  • New Materials Researchers
    Eni’s New Materials Researchers work in research project teams to develop innovative materials that can be used throughout the business to drive technological progress. Uses include catalysis materials, piping construction, corrosion protection, advanced electronics and photoactive materials for solar technologies. Our New Materials Researchers handle the various phases of material development from innovative ideas to synthesis at laboratory scale, evaluating performance and overseeing scale-up on pilot and industrial plants. They apply their chemicals and materials science knowledge and experience to oversee the status of the materials and applications within real-life industrial scenarios, and also participate in national and international networks.
  • Other roles
    - Analytical Chemistry Experts
    - Solar Technologies Researchers
    - Biofuel Processes Researchers