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The world of Renewables

Primary activities

Our professionals in the field of Renewables work every day in a highly stimulating and technological environment. They develop innovative ideas that are key to overcoming the challenges of decarbonization and building a sustainable energy future. Renewable energy professionals work in team and are tasked with finding innovative and efficient solutions that contribute to developing new skills through collaboration with stakeholders worldwide.


Following are the main positions in the Renewables area

  • Business Development Experts
    Eni’s Business Development Experts have a transversal role tasked with identifying new renewable energy initiatives aligned with our global and local business objectives. Their work ranges from analysis of the market and the competition, to scouting new initiatives for both organic development and acquisitions, making use of preliminary technical and financial evaluations. The work is carried out within multidisciplinary teams where the development and management of relations with market operators and stakeholders is essential.
  • Technology Experts (PV/Wind/Storage)
    Our Technology Experts contribute to the development of projects based on renewable technologies and monitor the market for reference technologies to understand key and emerging trends, applying these to their projects.
    Eni’s Technology Experts undertake desk research and field site inspections to gather information on limits and opportunities, drafting preliminary layouts for the plant, estimating production times and evaluating the associated cost of investment and operations for the project. The work is carried out within a multi-disciplinary team where collaboration with vendors, consultants, technology partners and R&D structures is crucial.
  • Other roles
    - Photovoltaic Plant Professionals
    - Wind Farm Professionals
    - Commercial and Negotiation Activity Professionals