Impianti Eni

Operations and Maintenance

The world of Operations and Maintenance

Primary activities

Maintenance activities at Eni’s plants are coordinated and supervised on an ongoing basis by our highly qualified people. Our Maintenance and Operations professionals are responsible for the safe and efficient functioning of Eni's operational equipment, nationally and internationally. Our international scope helps us maintain and develop our employees, with safety always at the forefront.


Following are the main positions in the Operations and Maintenance areas

  • Operations Technologists
     Eni’s Operations Technologists provide technological assistance to our plants through analysis of production campaigns, development of experimental industrial operations, checks and analysis of technical problems, and analysing the execution of production campaigns. Their aim is to optimise and develop automated plant control in collaboration with technical specialists.
    Operations Technologists also programme controlled plant operations and support our relevant units during change implementation and testing of operational variations. They are problem-solvers, helping Eni to maintain normal operations.
  • Production Engineers
    Eni’s Production Engineers oversee the operations and maintenance of our plants in line with established standards. They coordinate information gathering related to interventions carried out at our operational plants.
    Production Engineers also analyse plant performance to identify solutions for continuous process improvement and to select catalysts and chemicals, defining energy conservation work in order to improve our plants’ performance. They provide technological support to plant operations relating to troubleshooting and problem solving to identify and resolve the root causes of failures and malfunctions.
  • Other roles
    - Maintenance Engineer Experts
    - Inspection and Testing Coordinators
    - Maintenance Planning Specialists

Job opportunities