The world of Digital

Primary activities

Digital transformation has become one of the most important elements of Eni's success.  Our people have the opportunity to work in high-performing, inter-functional teams, developing new and more reliable technological tools to respond to the challenging demands of energy production and business evolution, both of which are increasingly data driven. Our digital colleagues work in an environment that is continuously evolving.


Following are the main positions in the Digital area

  • Data Scientists
    Eni’s Data Scientists work to develop flexible solutions in support of business innovation. Their main priorities are to identify suitable models and trained algorithms ‒ through Big Data Analytics, Machine and Deep Learning, and Advanced Simulation techniques ‒ to decompose and analyse complex problems and to understand the requirements of Eni’s various business lines, translating them in terms of data analysis and quantitative modelling.
  • Digital Performance Analysts
    Eni’s Digital Performance Analysts collaborate on defining and analysing technical KPIs related to digital processes, cost-benefit analyses of Digital Agenda initiatives and projects in budgeting, planning and forecasting. They also produce business cases, collaborating on compliance and risk management activities entrusted to Eni’s units.

  • Other roles
    - Digital Product Owners
    - Digital Marketing and Sales
    - Customer Insight Experts

Job opportunities