Come scrivere un CV

Start with your CV to optimise your profile!

4 tips to create a more impactful resume

1 - Be brief but effective

Think about what sets you apart and tailor your CV to the particular position you are applying for.

Limit your CV to two pages so recruiters can immediately see if your profile matches the role’s basic requirements.

Incorporate keywords that relate to your field of interest or specialism to help recruiters find your CV in our database. Think about how you use search engines to find information; this is the principle behind how a recruiter discovers your CV.

Be clear and concise with no grammatical or spelling errors. Before being creative, consider if it is appropriate for the role. Clearly state your availability for national and/or international mobility.


The key sections in your CV include contact information, a brief personal statement, your professional experience (start with your most recent), academic qualifications and any other relevant information that supports your application, such as skills and languages.

Mijal Bortnick – Global Resourcing, Eni

2 - Remember your contact details

Recruiters need your up-to-date contact details (specifically telephone number and e-mail) so they can invite you to take part in the selection process. Include it at the top of your CV. Include international dialling codes with your telephone number.

If you want, include a recent professional photo of yourself as well. Photos are not obligatory.

3 - Include your educational and professional experience

Provide educational and professional information in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Include current and previous job titles, with dates, and a brief summary of activities and achievements.

Be honest, avoiding exaggeration and false information.

If you are a recent graduate, include your attained grade. If your studies or training are in progress, indicate your predicted grade.

If you have little professional experience so far, include experiences outside your studies such as part-time work, periods abroad or volunteering.


The CV is your business card to introduce yourself to companies: it's not important to use a predefined format, aim to tell yourself creatively but at the same time with synthesis and attention to detail.

Alessia Capaldo – Employer Branding & Orientation Manager Eni

4 - Language and computer skills

In an increasingly international and digital world, computer skills and the ability to speak foreign languages have never been more important.

Specify your English level: at Eni, at least B1 is required. If you want, specify your level by skill: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Include other languages, too.

Specify your computer skills, especially if you know programs or tools that are particularly useful for the position.