Video interviews: how to prepare

3 useful tips for taking part in a video interview

1 - Choose an appropriate room and check your audio, video and connection settings

Before you connect to a video interview, choose a quiet place where you know you can speak freely. Make sure you have access to the internet and use a headset to optimize the audio. Check that the background is appropriate and preferably neutral, and that your webcam’s angle is centered on you. Be careful that there is enough light in the space – if it is too light or too dark, it could obscure your image. If you connect via a mobile device, remember to keep it in an elevated, stable and horizontal (‘landscape’) position to improve visibility.

Problems with the connection? Don't panic! Keep another device nearby, such as your mobile phone, in case you need to switch.

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Connect a few minutes early to make sure everything is working properly. If you have the chance, also do a video and audio test before connecting.

Erica Piccioni - Employer Branding & Orientation Eni

2 - Pay attention to your posture and tone of voice

Try to speak in a clear tone of voice and maintain direct eye contact with the recruiter by looking at the webcam from time to time. Pay attention to your posture, make sure the camera frames your head and upper body, and your face is clearly visible. If you are used to gesticulating, try holding an object such as a pen to help minimise your movements.

Marina Trappa – Recruiter Eni

The video often increases the impact and effectiveness of the presentation. Take care of your communication and get involved!

Marina Trappa - Recruiter Eni

3 - Group video interview? Pay attention to your fellow candidates

If you are in a group video interview, observe the behaviour of the other candidates and interact with them. Listen to their opinions and don't be afraid to speak and express your thoughts. Be careful not to overlap when talking. A helpful trick is to remember or write down the names of other candidates, it will help you interact more easily.