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Corporate Governance Code

It represents a corporate governance model of excellence spontaneously adopted by Eni, also improving it.

The Corporate Governance Code, together with the By-laws, defines the functions and relations between the bodies of management and control of the Company, also prescribing the general principles of transparency to be observed in relations with shareholders and the market and describing the main features of the internal control and risk management system.

The document was approved and made available to listed companies by the Corporate Governance Committee, which will update it regularly. Listed companies can adopt it voluntarily as an additional tool for their corporate governance. The latest version was approved by the Committee in July 2018.

Eni’s adherence to the Corporate Governance Code

Eni has adopted the Corporate Governance Code for listed companies since the edition of the 1999 and has adopted solutions, even improving, in order to implement the recommendations of the Code. 

In 2011 a new edition of the Corporate Governance Code approved by the Corporate Governance Committee was published and adopted by Eni on April 2012. Afterwards, in 2014, the Board adopted the new recommendations of July 2014, ascertaining that Eni corporate governance model was already broadly consistent with the new recommendations. Some of the solutions previously adopted by Eni, were updated to include and specify the role assigned by the Board of Directors to the Chairman of the Board regarding the internal audit function. 

On 25 February 2016, the Board adopted the recommendations of July 2015, related in particular to improve some principles in the matter of corporate social responsibility and corporate control standard on legality and transparency. 

Lastly, on 14 February 2019 the Board adopted the new recommendations of July 2018, referred in particular to diversity, including by gender, for the composition of the Board of Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors in listed companies.

The Corporate Governance Code is available below and shows the solutions adopted by Eni in order to provide the market with a simple and transparent evidence of the choices made by the Company, in line with the best practices of communication. 

Detailed information on the Code implementation will be given in the annual Corporate Governance Report. For further details on Corporate Governance Code adopted by Eni and on Corporate Governance Committee which approves the Code see the pertinent website.


Corporate Governance Code

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