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MINDS#15 – My name is Patrick Duffy

What if we told you that the first plant component for biofuels was discovered by chance in 1853?

15 March 2022

SUPERFACTS - Marine energy

It absorbs heat, meets electricity consumption ... the secret faces of the ocean.


MINDS#14 – My name is Pierre Simon Girard

Waves, an engineer and an intuition: harnessing the energy produced by the motion of waves.

02 March 2022

SUPERFACTS - The future of electric mobility

Which is the itinerary for decarbonised transport? Set up navigation: let's go.


SUPERFACTS - Open innovation: destination, transition

Worldwide, more than 100 million startups are founded every year: all the numbers.


MINDS#13 – My name is Robert Davidson

The man who saw the future (and made it happen) in 1842: Robert Davidson.

24 January 2022

SUPERFACTS - The new era of mobility

On average a European travels 12.5 km every day. How to reduce their impact on the environment?


MINDS#11 – My name is Sibrandus Stratingh

Electric vehicles from the 1800s? Sustainable mobility has come a long way!


MINDS#12 – My name is Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman

The physicist who saw the colour of the sea in a different light.


MINDS#10 – My name is John Nash

Nothing can limit our abilities. John Nash, the story of an extraordinary mind.


MINDS#9 – My name is Marie Curie

Two Nobel Prizes and an eminent place among history's greatest scientists.


SUPERFACTS - Circular chemistry

Not all plastics are the same ... as is the case with recycling. Do you know them all?

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