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2023 Capital Markets Update

Eni’s strategy aims to meet each of the essential pillars of the energy trilemma, achieving environmental sustainability side-by-side with energy security and affordability.


2023 Capital Markets Update & 2022 Full Year Results

Follow the event on February 23 at 1 p.m.


On board the J.A. Kufuor - Control Room

The Control Room is the part of the ship from where all activities are monitored.


MINDS#14 – My name is Pierre Simon Girard

Waves, an engineer and an intuition: harnessing the energy produced by the motion of waves.

02 March 2022

SUPERFACTS - Circular Bikini

Even tanning is sustainable.


SUPERFAST#3 - Goal: clean energy

HPC5: powerful research accelerator for zero-carbon energy.


SUPERFACTS - Waste to fuel, schooled by Nature

Forget 2x speed voice messages… technology compresses millions of years in a few hours.


ENI'S FACES#7 - Flying engineer

Her bag's always packed. Her courage and determination. Let us tell you about Daniela.


Tomorrow is another earth

Everything you need to know about climate change.


Carlo, fast for passion

Carlo works with HPC4, the supercomputer that studies the subsoil to find new hydrocarbon reserves.

01 January 2013

On board the J.A. Kufuor - Operation team

The Eni team ensures that everything on the floating unit is working at its best.


MINDS#2 – My name is Walter Bauer

The German chemist played a key role in the discovery of Plexiglas.

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