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Circularity in our strategy

The transition to a circular economy model is an opportunity for change.

29 July 2021

The urban circular economy

Joni Baboci’s project and the role of cities in the sustainable shift through design, technological innovation and the involvement of local realities.

23 July 2021

Certified Sustainability

Alessandra Colombo explains Versalis’ circular production plan after achieving the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS).

22 July 2021

The SDGs, people and the planet

Marina Ponti explains the changes and opportunities arising from the difficult times the whole world is experiencing, in order to envision a new kind of future.

19 July 2021

A change of direction for the climate

The cost of global decarbonization is well within the budgets allocated by governments to recover from the pandemic. Our ability to prevent climate change will depend on how the stimuli are used.

13 July 2021

Smart cities: Berlin

Innovation, development and sustainability in an ever-changing metropolis.

12 July 2021

Merakes’ treasure

New wells offshore Indonesia, a project that is going to boost the production of gas in the Middle and Far East.

08 July 2021

A Noah’s ark on the Moon

A project designed to protect and preserve the Earth's biodiversity.

05 July 2021

Africa's Great Green Wall

An ambitious project, aimed at giving new life to a vast territory and guaranteeing a better future for its inhabitants.

28 June 2021

Research for the energy transition

We continue to invest in scientific and technological research for increasingly low-carbon energy.

25 June 2021

A climate club

The European Union, the United States and China, responsible for half of global greenhouse gas emissions, have a historic duty to take the lead together in the fight against climate change

22 June 2021

Life and pollution in space

Research on climate crisis shows evidence of an asset to study the possibility of technologically advanced civilisations in the universe.

21 June 2021
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