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Diversity to keep up with the beat

How do you deal with the unexpected during a scientific mission? Read about Chiara's story and about managing differences, to the beat of jazz.

29 May 2023

Women beyond the stars

The presence of women in the sciences is increasing, in part due to inspirational figures and companies that support talent regardless of gender.

17 May 2023

Seeds for a new energy, from Italy to Africa

Eni's agro-energy research continues to provide sustainable solutions through the use of innovative technologies and thanks to some training initiatives agreed with IRENA, to promote our know-how internationally.

23 March 2023

Low-carbon transport takes off

On the path to decarbonisation, Eni's range stretches to the sky.

22 March 2023

New strategies to decarbonize transport

Biofuels from castor oil, croton nuts and cotton. This is the future of our biorefining system.

13 March 2023

An alliance to give new life to plastics

Versalis contributes to the EU initiative, with a new line of eco-sustainable products.

07 March 2023

Ravenna, a model for energy transition

Eni’s energy transition goes through the main Italian energy district, with projects aimed at reaching the decarbonisation goals.

20 February 2023

Plants can be used for soil remediation

Plants can give polluted soil a new lease of life. Eni is implementing methods for the remediation of soils polluted by heavy metals and organic compounds using plants and special microorganisms.

31 January 2023

The Africa of renewable energy

Eni's investment in renewables in Africa increases to facilitate the energy transition of the continent.

19 January 2023

Winds of change for a more sustainable future

Eni, with the support of Plenitude, contributes to energy security increasing renewable energy production through new wind power plants.

14 December 2022

Eni Award: our energy science award

An international award for research and technological innovation in the energy sector.

30 November 2022

A day for the elimination of violence against women

We supported the #OrangeTheWorld campaign with initiatives that involved our people, Eni Stations, apps and the car sharing service.

25 November 2022
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