Where we operate

Our health projects in eleven countries: Rwanda, Mexico, Italy, Algeria, Egypt, Myanmar, Mozambique, Ghana, Angola, Republic of the Congo, Indonesia.


Us in the world


The Eni Foundation new project for Rwanda

Supporting mothers and children as well as healthcare staff, Eni Foundation is launching a series of initiatives with the Ministry of Health.

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Two new projects in Mexico

In 2021, we launched two initiatives in the Cardenas area of the Tabasco state, aimed at strengthening maternal and childcare services during a particularly critical period as a result of both the Covid-19 pandemic and the emergency caused by floods that hit the country in 2020. Set up together with local institutions, the two projects support the ambitious Healthcare Programme launched by the Ministry of Health (Programa Sectorial de Salud 2019-2024)in the immediate and medium to long term.



We are supporting the Mexican Ministry of Health to strengthen maternal and child healthcare services in the Cárdenas area in the state of Tabasco.


Our initiatives in Italy

The project to support Ukrainian minors and their families and initiatives to support people left vulnerable by the pandemic.

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The Eni Foundation: bringing Asia closer

We have developed healthcare projects in Asia – working in Indonesia until 2011. A project to support the population of the Magway region in Myanmar is just getting started...



We have launched a project to promote access to water and the differentiation of agricultural production.



We have created a centre of excellence for congenital diseases and operated on 190 children.