Supporting mothers, children and healthcare staff, Eni Foundation is launching a series of concrete initiatives in the country.

Our project for the districts of Nyagatare, Musanze and Gisagare

The Eni Foundation project aims to contribute to the General Objective of the Rwandan Ministry of Health (MoH) to guarantee universal access to high-quality, fair and convenient health services at all levels of the district health system, focusing in particular on mother-and-child health


  • Mothers and children, with the best mother-and-child health services;
  • other vulnerable groups, including the disabled;
  • health workers, with capacity building activities.

Project duration

The initiative, lasting three years with a total investment of 6.5 million USD, involves support to the Community Health Service Reform in 1,578 villages, qualifying 6,379 health workers to deliver promotion, prevention and care services to a total population of 1,583,577 inhabitants.


Through this project, Eni Foundation aims to foster access to and use of the mother-and-child health services in the districts of Nyagatare, Musanze and Gisagare at primary and secondary community level, with a particular focus on the basic and specialist emergency midwifery and neonatal services.

The project is divided into two main components.

1.  The health infrastructure component with maternity blocks and the supply of equipment and furniture:

  • the construction of a maternity ward at the Gakagati Health Post with the design of building works, construction works and the purchase and installation of equipment;
  • the creation of selected health centres with new Maternity Blocks and the supply of two ambulances per district.

2.  The capacity building component:

  • community health reforms at village level, including the supply of kits for community health workers, to promote health and prevent endemic diseases through local leaders, also with a view to the early diagnosis and care of children’s disabilities and impairments;
  • strengthening of local skills through the organisation of training courses, the supply of equipment kits, the design and implementation of health education activities, as well as emergency midwifery and neonatal care.

Implementation methods

Eni Foundation funds these activities and runs the operation through the overall government process of planning and budgeting, managed by MINECOFIN, and included in a specific budget item of the Ministry of Health (MoH), devoted specifically to the health infrastructure component voted by Parliament and subsequently verified by the general governmental court of auditors, as is done for the government’s overall budget.