The project to support Ukrainian minors and their families and initiatives to support people left vulnerable by the pandemic.

Our tangible actions in Italy

The projects of Eni Foundation, formed in late 2006 to promote and carry out social solidarity and humanitarian initiatives in Italy and the world, have now turned their focus, in our country, both to Ukrainian children and adolescents who together with their families are going through a very tough time because of the war, and to people in situations of extreme difficulty because of the pandemic.

More specifically, our projects in Italy are:

  • In some Italian tourist resorts, the Eni Foundation is promoting the “Una Vacanza Una Esperienza Per la pace” initiative, realised with the coordination of the Civil Protection Department and in collaboration with the D.O.C. s.c.s. cooperative, to host Ukrainian children and adolescents and their relatives during a holiday period in Italy
  • In some Italian cities Eni Foundation, in partnership with non-profit organization Comunità di Sant’Egidio ACAP, Fondazione Campagna Amica, Coldiretti, Società Italiana di Pediatria (SIP), the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta (CISOM), Fondazione Banco Alimentare and Caritas Ambrosiana, supports the “Non siete soli” project, to help the segments of the population that have been most heavily affected by the economic and social effects of the pandemic.

Aims of the projects

In the regions of Piedmont, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and the Marche, the “Una Vacanza Una Esperienza Per la pace” project proposes a programme of recreational, study and sports experiences in nature as international solidarity actions designed to mitigate the consequences of the war on Ukrainian children, youths and adults.

Promoting Italy and the traditions of the host resorts, this initiative offers 1190 places, with holidays of 20 nights/21 days, and aims to create common ground using the universal languages of play, music, art and the movements of the body, establishing a dialogue that helps improve the physical and mental wellbeing of all participants also thanks to the support of educators, doctors and psychologists.

Meanwhile, the “Non siete soli” project aims to address the economic and social consequences of the pandemic on more vulnerable people. The initiative in partnership with NPO Comunità di Sant’Egidio ACAP, Fondazione Campagna Amica and Coldiretti, which in its most recent iteration in 2021 delivered 4600 food parcels to the homes of over-70s, was launched in 2020 and has distributed 20,000 food parcels to 6700 over-80s in situations of poverty and social isolation in the cities of Milan, Naples and Rome. Also in 2021, this project, carried out in collaboration with Società Italiana di Pediatria (SIP), the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta (CISOM), Fondazione Banco Alimentare and Caritas Ambrosiana, organised additional initiatives to support socially disadvantaged children and adolescents with eating disorders also in the cities of Ravenna, Gela, Taranto and Porto Torres.


The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and our initiatives

Like the other projects it has carried out across the world, Eni Foundation’s Italian projects are inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda. In particular: Goal 1, Zero Poverty (End poverty in all its forms everywhere); Goal 2, Zero Hunger (End hunger, achieve food security); Goal 3, Good Health and Wellbeing (Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages); Goal 4, Quality Education (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all); Goal 16, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (Provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels).