Letter from Chairmain

Dear Friends, My name is Domenico Noviello and I am the Chairman of the Eni Foundation.

The Foundation was created ten years ago with the aim of providing a response to the needs of the societies around the world in which Eni operates. Our dream is to improve people’s lives: to help those in need, protecting health, supporting education, promoting culture, respecting the environment, and developing scientific and technological research. We believe we can do all of these things.


Healthcare project to strengthen primary infant and maternal medical services in three coastal districts of the Western Region

Promoting and safeguarding their health is an investment for our tomorrow. In three coastal areas of western Ghana, the Eni Foundation has launched a project to reduce infant mortality and improve the health of mothers through the extension of basic health services, the reinforcement of child-mother health, obstetrics and neo-natal care and support for national vaccination programmes and the training of medical, surgical and nursing personnel and management staff.


Healthcare project to strengthen child emergency services in the Palma district (Province of Cabo Delgado)

Children are the future of every community. Promoting and safeguarding their health is an investment for our tomorrow. At a Rural District in Mozambique, the Eni Foundation is carrying out a significant public health initiative with the aim of contributing to a reduction of infant and mother mortality by reinforcing relevant hospital services such as the emergency clinic and surgery and through support for the national vaccination programme.