Our approach

From analysing the context to sharing its results, the Eni Foundation exports its operating model and works in partnership with other organisations.

Our integrated, proactive approach

Complex problems, such as those to do with safeguarding children, require an integrated, proactive approach. That's our starting point when developing solutions to improve the lives of children in the countries where we work. We collaborate with non-governmental organisations, humanitarian agencies, institutions and local governments, chosen on the basis of their ability and skills, and also support initiatives promoted by other parties, provided they pursue goals that benefit communities and are aligned with our own areas of work. We design and implement our initiatives independently, following set principles:

  •  we analyse the context
  •  we communicate transparently with local stakeholders
  •  we promote a long-term vision and commitment
  •  we share our results and knowledge.

In addition, as a business foundation, we adopt efficiency criteria from the commercial environment to our initiatives to support children:

  • we are clear in our aims and our actions
  • we aim for sustainability in everything we do
  • our results are measurable and managed through an operational control model
  • our work can always be replicated in other contexts.