Eni Foundation and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità for Mondo Vaccini

An interactive touring exhibition on the drugs that have revolutionised the history of epidemics.

A journey into the history and current status of vaccines, their meaning and value for public health protection.

This is the aim of the exhibition on display at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità Museum.

Science has taught us that vaccines are one of the most crucial discoveries for humanity, but nevertheless they are still regarded with suspicion. This is the result of considerable levels of misinformation which has added to widespread popular preconceptions and trends. Over the last few years this has led to a reduction in vaccination coverage and the resurgence of diseases that were almost eradicated, such as diphtheria or measles. To demonstrate the benefits of vaccinations and redress this misinformation, the interactive touring exhibition "Mondo Vaccini" begins its journey in Rome, at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, in partnership with Eni Foundation.

All about vaccines

The aim of the exhibition is to give out accurate information on vaccines and the real dangers of the diseases they prevent; to fight against misinformation coming from inaccurate or false news and pseudo-scientific movements; to increase citizens' confidence in science, medicine and public health, by highlighting the effort put into research and the production of vaccines; to focus attention on the fundamental importance of vaccines through an exploration of history that helps to remind the collective memory of diseases which were almost forgotten or are now not considered to be particularly serious (polio, diphtheria or measles).


An interactive exhibition

History is brought to life using advanced technology and interactive systems that, through visual, auditory and tactile exhibits, with an added emotional dimension, help visitors' to deepen their understanding of this subject. The exhibition therefore takes visitors on a multimedia and multimodal path, that includes infographic panels, videos and interactive exhibits. The exhibition will be temporarily held at the ISS Museum and has been designed to tour Italy visiting other academic institutes and scientific research centres. The exhibition features videos (from how a vaccine is created, to the Eni Foundation's vaccination campaigns in Africa for one million mothers and children); simulation games (highlighting the importance of our choices as a community: simulating herd immunity and showing how contagion probability reduces as measles vaccine coverage increases); morphing, showing the symptoms of some diseases which are preventable with vaccination; dialogue of real life situations and the possible alternative choices, with subsequent explanations. All of which are accompanied by infographic information panels with historical, scientific and educational information.