How we identify the projects

The Eni Foundation has a series of requirements to meet when identifying and defining its projects.

Eni Foundation initiatives must

  • be consistent with our established aims and priorities
  • provide an effective response to a local need and contribute in a tangible way to the overall wellbeing of the community
  • involve local stakeholders
  • be self-sustaining – that is, the project must be able to continue independently once established, in particular by developing the required local skills with measures in place to continue to improve them
  • respect the context in which it is established: the institutional framework (support from institutions and political bodies for the initiative and willingness to get involved), social and cultural factors that could affect the project’s success (regulations, traditions and local customs) and the potential for integration with initiatives run by other organisations are all assessed
  • provide measurable results in the short and long term
  • be able to be replicated in different contexts and situations.