We give energy back to soil, water and waste
Advanced and sustainable technologies at the service of remediation

Unique environmental cleanup expertise

Eni Rewind is Eni's environmental company which carries out reclamation operation at operative and decommissioned sites. It also manages the cycle of waste generated by industrial and cleanup activities. Since 2013 it has acquired significant experience within the sector, emerging as a centre of excellence. Most of the sites where it operates were acquired or entrusted to it by law during the eighties and nineties, when Eni -a public entity back in the day- was involved as part of a recovery policy to help industrial enterprises in trouble.

Today Eni Rewind is Italy's largest reclamation operator, also thanks to its development of an integrated operative model which distinguishes itself in virtue of the application of state-of-the-art technologies and utmost attention to sustainability. We see reclamation as an opportunity for the "Country system" in environmental terms, but also for relaunching the economy and employment. To this effect, already in the initial phases of cleanup and in agreement with institutions, Eni Rewind plans projects for the development and reuse of reclaimed areas, with the aim of making them available for new activities, in line with the principles of circular economy.

The company's strategy focuses above all on its commitment to soil, water and waste recovery. Specifically with reference to soil recovery, particular attention is paid to brownfields which can be reconverted into energy plants powered by renewable energy sources. The aim for water resources is to maximise reuse and minimise extraction from nature. Lastly, the energy potential of industrial and reclamation waste is developed as part of End of Waste processes.

Sustainable reclamation

Since 2011 and in line with green remediation principles, Eni Rewind has been implementing a sustainable reclamation programme in order to identify the best cleanup solutions in terms of environmental impact.

Water and waste management

Water management and treatment is our commitment put into practice every day in order to contribute to a more responsible and circular economy. The company also manages the cycle of waste produced by Eni’s industrial activities or from its remediation and decommissioning.


Industrial production

The Conti Vecchi saltworks are located in one of Europe's most important wetlands and were commissioned back in 1931 for the production of salt, magnesium sulphate and magnesium chloride, when Luigi Conti Vecchi was granted a concession in 1921 by Royal Decree. Today the company Società Ing. Luigi Conti Vecchi (100% owned by Eni Rewind) manages both the salt planes, which cover approximately 2,700 hectares, located in the municipalities of Assemini, Capoterra and Cagliari, as well as the plant where sodium carbonate, hydrochloric acid and hypochlorite is produced.


Eni Rewind competencies

The complexity of site reclamations has enabled Eni Rewind to acquire a unique set of experiences and skills at a national level, in the design and execution of reclamation operations. Growth and the sharing of such expertise enables the company to experiment with increasingly innovative techniques to tackle new project challenges.


Institutional and territorial relations

For Eni Rewind, favouring dialogue, debate and interaction with all institutional and territorial stakeholders is fundamental insofar as the company manages indispensable and strategic natural resources, like soil and water, with a commitment to enabling their successive reuse and virtuosity in social and economic terms.


Eni Rewind Worldwide

In 2018 we created a dedicated organizational structure that allows us to expand our activities overseas and to offer specialist support to all Eni companies in those countries of presence, seizing new opportunities for development and cooperation. After the analysis of the potential needs of Upstream and its subsidiaries, in particular in the field of environmental engineering, water treatment and soil remediation, we have presented and launched projects in various sites, from Africa to the Middle East and Asia.


Reclamation and beyond

Eni Rewind is embracing the challenge of giving new life to territories because its activities transcend mere site reclamation and requalification in physical terms to include the development of natural, cultural, artistic and human assets. This is why after a site is requalified, the company dedicates itself to giving it a new lease of life, reinforcing its social fabric and creating a context congenial to the development of new opportunities.


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