Commitment to remediation activities and the Ponticelle redevelopment project.

Ravenna, a successful example of circular economy

Enrico Mattei was a strong advocate for Ravenna's large petrochemical complex and decided to build the country's first synthetic rubber factory here, importing the technology from the United States. Ravenna was chosen because of its strategic location, thanks to its port and proximity to sources of raw materials. This was the time of exploration activities in Emilia Romagna, with the first discovery of the Ravenna Terra gas field. The construction was awarded to Anic in 1954. The production of PVC, acetates and fine chemicals (DMC) was added in the 1960s. In 1983, the activities passed from Anic to Enichem. The industrial situation at the plant began to change gradually in the 1990s, with the sale of the Agriculture division to Hydro Agri Italia, vinyl acetate to Vinavil and biphenyls to Borregaard. The VCM/PVC branch of the business was then transferred to EVC, TAS and the cement plant to Ambiente, while the electric power plants and related services were first transferred to Frene, and then to EniPower in 2000. Polimeri Europa, now Versalis, acquired the production of styrenes, elastomers, olefins and intermediates from Enichem in 2002. At the same time Syndial, now Eni Rewind, acquired all the internal and external disused areas. Eni's environmental company is now engaged in environmental remediation activities and the Ponticelle production redevelopment project. This will transform the area outside the plant into a green energy island, with the installation of a photovoltaic park, the construction of a soil bio-remediation plant and a multifunctional platform for special waste treatment.

Our activities in Ravenna

Eni Rewind's commitment at the Ravenna site involves the remediation and productive redevelopment of former industrial areas and disused plants. In the internal areas, the company is currently carrying out permanent safety measures at the former Ambiente Tank Area and the remediation project of the Enterprise Area. The other internal areas (Cumuli ex Island 25 and TAC tanks and ponds) have already received remediation certification and are available for new development initiatives. In the external area, known as Ponticelle, Eni's environmental company has completed the removal of hot spots and the permanent safety measures in preparation for the works specified in the redevelopment plan. Eni Rewind also manages remediation activities on behalf of other Eni companies. A separate environmental procedure was carried out for the site's groundwater, managed by Ravenna Servizi Industriali for all the co-located companies, which led to the Remediation plan and permanent safety measures for the surface groundwater under the former Enichem area.


Our regeneration projects

Land reclamation as a driver of sustainable development, also in the Ponticelle area of Ravenna.