Our regeneration projects

Remediation as a driver of sustainable development.

Regeneration to give new life to local territories

Soil is a limited resource because it is not reproducible. Disused or no longer usable industrial sites pose an environmental, economic and social problem if they are not regenerated. Our challenge is to give them a new lease on life through remediation, designed with future reuse and regeneration in mind. As well as removing contamination, environmental remediation makes brownfield sites usable again. For example, they can be employed as sites for renewable energy or waste treatment and recycling plants, acting as a driver for development in the country. This way, many developed areas can be reclaimed and used for new activities, avoiding the consumption of additional 'virgin' land. The company aims to do this in agreement and consultation with local communities, and is committed to change based on long-term relationships with stakeholders.


The former mining area of Niccioleta, after the safety measures and environmental rehabilitation

Eni Rewind circular projects

We have already developed exemplary circular economy projects with our activities at the Ravenna (Ponticelle), Gela, Assemini and Porto Torres sites. This demonstrates our willingness to promote and implement a new development model that is attentive to the needs of local territories.

Ponticelle: the remediation and regeneration of a former industrial area

The Ponticelle regeneration project, a disused industrial area outside the Ravenna petrochemical plant, is a concrete example of how remediation can bring added value to land and the local communities. We are implementing a virtuous development model for the upgrading and redevelopment of production, in line with the circular economy principles. Eni Rewind, owner of the former industrial area, has completed permanent safety measures with capping covering 18 of the total 26 hectares. The environmental project precedes the construction of a photovoltaic plant with storage lab, a bio-recovery platform and a multifunctional waste pre-treatment platform, the latter in partnership with Herambiente. We have also planned urbanisation works and services in the area.


The Ponticelle regeneration project in Ravenna

The planned plants in the Ponticelle project

Designed with the "zero consumption of new soil" principle in mind, the plant will be built on the ground, in the area where the permanent safety measures have been completed. It will have a solar tracking system (with estimated power of about 6 MW) and an adjoining storage lab for storing energy.

Designed for the aerobic biodegradation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil (e.g. from service stations), using indigenous microorganisms (bacteria) to recover and reuse a valuable natural resource. It also includes a bio laboratory for carrying out preventive analytical checks to ensure suitability of waste entering the plant as well as periodic monitoring surveys of the bioremediation processes.

Eni Rewind’s new joint venture with Herambiente, Hea, will create a state-of-the-art environmental platform for managing industrial waste. Creating significant synergy, the two companies expect the joint venture to minimise waste disposal and promote the reuse of energy and materials. The plant will manage up to 60,000 tonnes of special waste a year from environmental activity and production, including from the local area. This is in line with the EU’s directives on its Circular Economy Package, implemented by Italy in September 2020.

Gela, Assemini and Porto Torres: our contribution to renewables

The development of renewable energy is central to Eni's strategy, which is evolving towards a low-carbon scenario. With Eni Rewind, we are making our disused and no longer productive sites available to install plants for the production of green energy that will be used for the needs of the group's industrial assets and, in part, fed into the grid. This commitment to the redevelopment and regeneration of local areas is already a reality at our sites in Gela, Assemini and Porto Torres, partly due to the synergy with Eni New Energy, the group company dedicated to the development of energy from renewable sources. 

Eni Rewind's commitment to the development of renewables began in 2007 with the design and construction of a photovoltaic power plant, which was completed in 2012. The plant is on the top part of the former ISAF (Industria Siciliana Acido Fosforico) landfill, which had previously been subjected to permanent safety works. The plant consists of 22,700 photovoltaic panels with an installed capacity of 5 MW. Eni New Energy installed a second photovoltaic plant in 2018, with a capacity of approximately 1 MW. This plant is on a regenerated area of our property where the ethylene oxide and derivatives plant, demolished in 2005, was originally located.

Our Assemini site, located within the industrial hub, was one of the first sites selected by Eni as part of its commitment to the development of renewables. The installation of the photovoltaic plant was completed in 2018, with a total capacity of 23 MW.


Photovoltaic plant at Assemini in Sardinia

We made some of our areas in Porto Torres, a Site of National Priority, available to construct the largest photovoltaic park built by Eni to date, with an installed capacity of 31 MW. The plant was inaugurated at the beginning of 2020 and 70% of its annual production will be used by the companies operating at the industrial site, enabling a saving of about 26 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year.